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Roberts Space Industries ®

Novitas Industries / NOVINDUS

  • Corporation
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  • Trading

Welcome to our official Spectrum channel. Feel free to browse, and please visit our Recruitment section for career opportunities. We offer a great diversity of careers from trader to security


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.


As a relatively small corporation we aim on getting influence in one part of a system. We plan on buying mines and create a monopoly on whatever we can. This creates us a nice amount of influence over a small amount of people. This way we can make some serious money. Your assignments will be given by the division directors and they will make sure you get payed. The rest of the manifesto will be explained to fully accepted members of the corporation.


Some basic house rules.
  1. Everyone has to listen to their superior. When you complain you go our Officer.
  2. Role play is fun and important to us. You are part of a corporation so act like it.
  3. No romantic relationship with other employees.
  4. Always remember: Customer is king!!!
  5. Be nice and reasonable to other employees and with any problems, once more head to the Officer