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Saving galaxies since 1996! We are currently expanding into Star Citizen. Join us and help the NRN get ready!

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“The NRN is made up of friends who share common interests and enjoy common pass-times: the wondrous fantasy/sci-fi world and the computer games based on them. The Mighty NRN strikes the balance between an open and inclusive fleet and an elite squad; for we accept pilots regardless of initial skill level, but require a good attitude, loyalty, and the dedication to improve skills and help out the organization. The NRN is fun, banding together into an organization to increase the fun we derive from our games. The NRN is community, a home away from home in the virtual world where you can get to know very real people. The NRN is history, is legend, and yet is present and future potential. The NRN gives her members a sense of belonging, the support of a family, and a portion in greatness.”


The New Republic Navy (NRN) has been saving the Digital Galaxy since 1996, and has developed a rich history of gaming, good sportsmanship, team work, and a legacy that keeps old members coming back time after time. Originally a Star Wars themed guild with roots still firmly planted in the Galaxy Far Far Away, we have branched out into other games with new worlds and galaxies.

Star Wars X-wing Series

Division Commander: NRN_Mother

NRN X-Wing Division Introduction Page

The NRN got her start on The Zone, which was the multiplayer server for X-wing Vs. Tie Fighter (XvT) and X-wing Alliance (XWA). These are the games where the NRN made her foundation and gained some of her most tenured and respected members.
Members of the NRN participated in several XvT and XWA game events, such as NRN_Photon, whose legend can still be found on Google. With several pilots of his caliber we at the NRN, and our reputation for fair play and good sportsmanship, we were able to become one of the most respected XvT & XWA guilds on the internet.

The NRN developed a Flight Academy to instruct, coach, and improve her pilots. This academy has an extensive library of tactics, techniques, and procedures for our pilots to use in digital combat. With such an extensive curriculum and structure for the NRN Flight Academy, it attracted the attention of other game guilds that copied the NRN design and added their own flavor. However, the NRN still has the best free space flight pilots and instructors in the digital universe.

Best clan world wide in XWA as seen Week of War awards page: New Republic Navy Star Fighter Awards

When the X-wing series more or less died out, play of these games didn’t stop in the NRN, but slowed down. Most of our pilots moved on to other games supported by the NRN.

Star Wars Galaxies

Division Status: Deactivated

This MMORPG game was immensely popular with NRN members, and some still play the handful of emulators that are still out there. This was the “Golden Age” of NRN history and where we got most of our long standing members.

It was heartbreaking to the gamer community when SWG shut down and the NRN was no exception. However, we love our games and we love our guild community. So we branched out into other games, and we endure!

Our experience as a guild with SWG is partially why the NRN are branching into Star Citizen. Who wants to miss this much fun?

Star Wars Jedi Game Series

Division Commander: YelSaber – Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy CO.

This Division of the NRN still alive and active with several die-hard players that get online on a regular basis. You would be hard pressed to find more enjoyable company in any game universe than the men and women of the NRN that play these games. You would also be further pressed to find people better with a Light Saber than these guys. records New Republic Navy Jedi Knight Records

A much more detailed account of this NRN Division’s history is at

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Division Status: Deactivated

This is another highlight of the NRN. The era of this game is coming to a close, as with any other game. Waning public popularity is making the game repetitive. So the one NRN member that still plays SWTOR is doing the best he can to keep the game presence of the NRN alive, as well as voicing some interest in Star Citizen.

Star Wars: Battlefront 1 & 2

Division Commander: Rascalv

Division Status: Temporarily Deactivated

The SWBF Division of the NRN still has a feint heart beat because we still have members that get together and play online together despite the waxing interest in the game from the general public. The handfuls of die-hard players are still blasting away at Battle Droids and Storm Troopers as regularly as Real Life allows. Want to hop online and join them for a round or two?

The New Republic Navy is eagerly awaiting SWBF3 in 2015. Are you ready?

New Republic Navy Expansion Games

Star Trek Online

Division Commander: Arnon Peaton

This is by far the liveliest division of the New Republic Navy currently. With such an extensive level of activity and membership outside the guild hub at, the current roster of people associated with the NRN is unknown. However, this division is led by capable people, so the Admiralty of the NRN trusts them to carry the NRN banner with integrity. NRN STO Division Page.

See the NRN STO Division in action.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Division Commander: NRN_Das

This is one of the fledgling divisions within the NRN led by Fleet Admiral NRN_Das himself. Under his leadership, ESO is making its presence within the NRN felt, with a varying level of guild interest.

Counter Strike Series

Division Commander: Benjarro

This division’s history is much like that of SWBF. There is a small handful, yet incredibly skilled group of members that still play this game series via Steam and Xfire. If you enjoy CS:GO or Counter Strike as a game, you can find our boys at:
The NRN Main Fleet
Our Steam Community Page

Star Citizen

Division Commander: NJS

Division XO: Dutchman

NRN Star Citizen Division Introductory Page

RSI Organization Page

This is a developing division within the NRN and the game is being created at Roberts Space Industries for release in 2014-2015. The Guild Officers in charge of the division are currently looking to recruit new members into the guild so the NRN is ready for the game release and is not stuck behind the power curve in comparison to other growing guilds.

Other games played or formerly played by the NRN
  • Force Commander (Interest level unknown)
    Rebellion (Interest level unknown)
    Galactic Battlegrounds (Interest level unknown)
    Rise of Nations (Still popular with a small group of NRN members)
    Age of Empires (Still popular with a small group of NRN members)
    Americas Army (Still popular with a small group of NRN members)
    Republic Commando (Interest level unknown)
    Cyber Nations (Interest level unknown)
    Navy Fiel (Interest level unknown)
    World of Warcraft (Still popular with a small group of NRN members)
    Darkfall (Dropped due to lack of interest)
    Lord Of The Rings Online (Still popular with a small group of NRN members)
    Star Wars Empire At War (Interest level unknown)
    MechWarrior Online (Played casually by some NRN members outside the guild)
[Primary Author: Lt.Jg. SpartanSGT]
[Contributors: Lt.Cmd Dutchman, Vice-Adm. YelSaber, and Lt. NJS]
[Edited by: Rear-Adm. Arnon Peaton & Fleet-Admiral Das]


The New Republic Navy is now recruiting all able pilots and combatants.

Founded in 1996 for the Star Wars space combat simulator games NRN has over 17 years of experience and tradition in space combat and and first person shooter games. Over the years NRN has built an impressive service record and claiming awards in 57 guild wars. We are now accepting enlistments of all able pilots and marines for the new Star Citizen fleet roster. No prior experience is required.

The NRN’s primary mission will involve para-military operations, but include divisions for all specialities of all combat and non-combative skill sets.

An extensive 24 rank system provides the necessary support and structure for the guild’s chain of command and organization. Members of every rank are invaluable, and can hold both leadership and support positions within a squadron and wing.

Newly enlisted members will be issued orders to report to the NRN Flight Training Academy. Academy Recruits will receive training in craft and system knowledge, basic flight skills, and combat manoeuvres. As a recruit completes their syllabus they will advance in the cadet ranks. Upon completion of the training syllabus and final exam cadets are awarded their Pewter Flight Wings badge and promotion. Members may return to the academy to partake in advanced training, and earn specialized badges. Our instructors are second to none and have have been training recruits since the earliest days of space combat simulation. Their goal is to prepare you for any situation you may encounter with the hopes that you will one day surpass them and earn Gold Flight Wings.

If you have any questions please contact one of our member or visit our website at

* S *


I. Introduction

Before you get started, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules.

Although we have tried to cover most rules, these rules are by no means exhaustive, and each specific gaming division within the NRN will have its own specific rules. Make sure you’re aware of the rules specific to the games you play.

The NRN is based on a loose military structure meaning every member holds a rank – still this is a place to have fun and to find friends. Be polite and show respect to the higher ranks. If you feel treated unfair please contact the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA).

The NRN is an ‘Online Gaming Club’ established in 1996 with roots in old X-Wing Series based Star Wars games, we have grown to support a wide range of games and genres since that time.

II. The NRN Code of Conduct (CoC):

“No NRN member is to mock, putdown, belittle or bully another person”

No matter what is or was said, we do not want the NRN to stoop down to the level of making fun of people to feel good. A mature attitude is a requirement to stay in the NRN.

“Be courteous and observe good ‘sportsmanship’ at all times”

When playing games, be polite, don’t say something like, “Man we kicked your butt so bad your great grandkids are gonna feel it!” That is not a good attitude to have and is not conducive to good relations with other organizations.

“Do not swear/curse”

“Do not post or discuss explicit, obscene or offensive material”

NRN is a Gaming Club for all nationalities and all ages. Some content on the Internet is not suitable for children or would be considered offensive. Please use discretion when talking or posting within the NRN forums, servers or other mediums of communication.

“The NRN Supports International Copyright Laws”

The NRN does not condone the use of pirated software and services. Committing acts of software or media piracy and/or discussing such acts may result in the cancellation of your membership.

Further rules:

No cheating: The NRN is a well known and honoured gaming community and we want to keep this status.

No Doubleclanning: You can only be in the NRN and no other group/clan/fleet for all of the games that NRN plays. The only exception is if you play the game with another clan before NRN adopted it.

Activity: Try to play at least once a week, check the boards 3 times a week and attend to the meeting once a month. Otherwise you may be considered inactive and removed from the roster.

Behavior: The NRN follows the universal netiquette. Be polite, do not impersonate members, only one account is allowed (needs to be fitting to your ingame-name).

The official NRN greeting is * S * (Salute).

Violations of these rules may result in a member being warned or kicked. If a warning is not heeded or is deemed serious enough the Admirals will decide on appropriate disciplinary action. If there are any problems to report, go to the main page and contact your divisions DIA officer, an admiral or your commanding officer.
-Feb. 05th, 2011