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Nassau Trading Company / NTC

  • Syndicate
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Trading
  • Transport

The Nassau Trading Company is foremost a shipping Syndicate. We are an affiliation of individuals and Organizations, bound together for the purpose of mutual protection, trade efficiency and profit.

Check our History, Manifesto, and Charter for details on why you should join us.


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Since the dawn of time, there has been a need to sell or buy goods, both those obtained legally, and those “found” less than legally. Commerce is the life blood of the Verse. It doesn’t matter how the cargo was obtained, someone has to buy it, in order for you to make a profit.

The Nassau Trading Company (NTC) was established in 2247, when space travel had moved from the realm of governments, to commercial and even private entities. Stanton Guthrie, an entrepreneur and history buff named the company for the island on Earth that had been used as a stronghold, and trading post for pirates in the 17th & 18th centuries.

Stanton always claimed in interviews that he was a distant, but direct descendent of Eleanor Guthrie, daughter of the 18th century Colonial Governor in Nassau, and Proprietor of a saloon that had a lucrative side business in buying plundered cargo from the local pirates, and then reselling that cargo at a profit in the American Colonies.

Guthrie always took immaculate pride in being the model of a sterling citizen, giving massive amounts to charities of all types, and always being the first to help those in need. When asked how he could reconcile his philanthropy with his business dealings, which by this time had made him one of the wealthiest men in the system, he would chuckle and state that he was simply carrying on the family business.

When famously accused of being a Black Marketeer by one socialite, his reply became the second most famous quote attributed to him.

“We’re not in the Black Market. It’s…more of a Gray Market.”

This was followed closely by his most famous quote, which became the company’s motto; “Trade always goes in both directions.

From a small company existing on the fringes of society, NTC has grown and prospered as the Frontier has expanded, first to the outer Sol system, then to the stars. What started as a supplier of merchandise, has expanded to become one of the largest shipping syndicates in the known Verse. If you need something, from the smallest package, to the largest industrial equipment, to be shipped, NTC will get it there on time, for an affordable price.

No system is off limits to our pickup or delivery.

Nassau Trading Company has always had the reputation of being an honorable trading partner in a disreputable Verse, first because of Stanton himself, later because his successors understood how valuable a reputation can be. This reputation for being absolutely neutral, has been used to arbitrate disputes between various factions of suppliers and their customers. No one profits when suppliers or customers are killing each other off.

If you have something to ship, we’ll get it to the destination – guaranteed.
If you have something to sell, we’ll buy it for a fair price. No questions asked.
If you need something, we’ll sell it for a fair price. No questions asked.

With shipping Hubs across the Verse, we can ship it, buy it, or sell it. All transactions are confidential and final.

Commerce is the life blood of the Verse, and %_Trade always goes in both directions_%™.


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NTC has pledged our fleet to Operation Pitchfork! As a member of NTC, you are not required to participate, but they have far more ships than crew at this point, and it sounds like it will be a lot of fun!

(Subject to Change as the Live PU gets closer)


The backbone of the Nassau Trading Company, is shipping. We can transport anything, of any size, anywhere in the Verse. No matter how much, or how little, from 1 SCU to 98,000 SCU, we can get it where you need it to go.

Using the standard Hub and Spoke transport model that’s been around for 1000 years, we ship all over the Verse, quickly and efficiently. By using bulk capacity ships, like the Hull Series, we are able to move any amount of cargo anywhere, inexpensively.

By using both our own crews, and independent pilots, we can move a package across the Verse quickly.

Unique and High Value Shipments:

In addition to our standard delivery service, we offer Custom Shipping for an added cost. If you have a need for transport of unique or time sensitive cargo, and need it to go straight from Port A to Port B, without fear of loss, by the quickest possible route, we have a number of specialized transports, flown only by our own crews, that will deliver it intact, on a deadline.

These include armed and armored transport ships, for cargos of extreme value, or importance. We will handle your delivery with the care, speed and confidentiality you require.

No matter how you ship with us, we offer the option of insuring your cargo. For a nominal fee, if anything happens to your cargo while in transit, you will be reimbursed for the value of your cargo.

The ‘T’ In NTC:

As the name implies, Nassau Trading Company started out as, and still is one of the premier Trading Companies in the Verse. If you have something you want to sell, or need something you don’t have, NTC is the place to go.

If you have cargo that you can’t find a buyer for, we will purchase that cargo from you. As a Verse-wide shipping company, we have the connections to find those who are wanting to buy what you can’t get rid of.

Those same connections allow us to find whatever you need, but can’t find, or are unable to purchase. We make no judgements on who you are, or what you want. Whether you’re a wealthy individual looking to add a Midas Fish to your aquarium, or a Freedom Fighter wanting to by munitions, or sell cargo you can’t make a profit on, our Trading Division can satisfy your needs.

The NTC Fleet:

Our current roster of ships, and how they are used:
(Subject to change or addition)

MISC Hull-C – Our Hull-C ships are each stationed at one of our four Tertiary Hubs. They move cargo between these four Hubs, and our Secondary Hubs.

MISC Hull-D – We have two Hull-D’s, one at each of our Secondary Hubs. They move cargo between these two Secondary Hubs, and our Main Hub at Ellis.

MISC Hull-E – This massive freighter is used on an as-needed basis. We have noticed a marked increase in cargo to/from the Stanton System, and plan to use this ship to take advantage of that situation.

These seven ships make up the bulk of our standard shipping business. We also have many multi-role ships, that can be used to ferry cargo between our Hubs and the systems around them. These smaller ships can also be used by our Trading Division for unique cargo runs of special value. These ships include:

Banu Merchantman – Large cargos
Constellation Andromeda – Small/Medium cargos
Drake Caterpillar – Medium/large cargos or multi destination cargos
Drake Herald – Information cargo

We also have ships for luxury passenger transport.

Orion 600i Touring – For those who want to travel in style, and are willing to pay a premium. Whether they are upper management on business travel, or a couple looking for a romantic night out, and everything in between.

Orion 890J Yacht – Our Luxury Flagship can be chartered for larger groups wanting to travel in the lap of luxury. We also reward members with trips to see the Murray Cup Races and other destinations.

In addition to the cargo ships, we have several ships to maintain our infrastructure. These include:

Anvil Crucible – These two ships are first and foremost for repair and maintenance of our fleet, but can be chartered by other Organizations within our Syndicate to repair their ships as well. They can also be used on occasion, as cargo haulers, using their Hangar Pods to store cargo or ships for transport.

MISC Starfarer – One of the biggest operating costs for a shipper, is fuel to keep their ships going. By scooping and refining our own fuel, we negate the cost of fuel altogether. Our two Starfarers are stationed in Sol, and Terra, where they refuel our Main Line Hull ships. In addition, they can be sent to refuel the other ships in our fleet, as well as ships of Affiliated Organizations. Their spacious cargo holds can be used for hauling cargo of any type.

NTC also owns a fleet of former military ships for use as armed and armored transports or escorts.

Anvil Terrapin – She can be used as a cargo escort, or information gathering platform.
Aegis Retaliator – This former bomber has been converted into a cargo carrier for high value items, or people. She’s also a valuable escort ship.
Aegis Redeemer – This Gun Ship can be used as either a highly armed cargo transport, or escort. This small ship is extremely versatile.
Aegis Sabre – Fighter escort ship
Aegis Hammerhead – Cargo escort and high value transport

Finally, we come to the miscellaneous ships, those that don’t fit into any other category.

Aegis IdrisNTC Headquarters. This is the Nerve Center of NTC Operations. This ship is stationed in the Nyx system to protect our Hub there and our ships in system. Being one jump away from Vaduul space, she is tasked with monitoring the Jump Points to track all incoming ships. At times, she may be used to move large, high value cargo, such as other ships.

RSI Polaris – Stationed in the Nemo system, this ship patrols the surrounding systems to protect our ships from harm. She can also be used for high value cargo and single person ship transport.

Anvil Carrack – One of two purpose built Exploration Ships. Her hand-picked crew will be sent out on missions of discovery. There are always new opportunities for trade.

Orion 600i Explorer – Our other exploration ship.

MISC Prospector — New discoveries mean new opportunities. Having ships that can properly assess those opportunities, is the key to efficiently profiting from them.

What’s In It For You?

With more than 30 ships in our fleet, we have the resources to dominate the shipping industry, and become the pre-eminent shipping Organization in the Verse. The above ships are all owned by NTC, and do not include the large variety of ships that our Associates and Affiliates will bring with them.

Whether you have your own ship, or want to crew something more interesting, NTC needs you. Affiliates are required to use their own ships. Associates can apply to crew in our fleet, just ask. Captains will be chosen from Associates who apply, and promoted to Facilities Partner. They can then pick their own crew, based on their own criteria.

Those who aren’t interested in crewing ships can help us by negotiating prices, or routing cargo along our shipping routes.

If you enjoy haggling, and getting the best deal possible, you are the type of person we’re seeking for our Trading Division. We need beings who can negotiate the lowest price possible for buying, and the highest price obtainable for selling. Not to mention negotiating prices for moving unique and high value cargo. If the Art of the Deal is what you live for, this is the job for you.

If logistics is your thing, we need beings who can figure out the puzzle of getting cargo from where it is, to where it needs to be. We already have shipping routes set up, but each Hub needs people who can take incoming cargo, and decide which ship it needs to go on, in order to get where it’s going.

We need several beings in each of these positions, as well as other positions. At this time, all positions are open. As Spectrum comes online, we will be working with current Org members to determine where they best fit. As more game mechanics come in, interested Associates will be used to fill those positions by trying them in Alpha and Beta.

We are a friendly Organization, listed as Casual. If you just want to come in once in a while, and be assured of getting a cargo run, join us as an Affiliate. You get the advantage of not being tied down, and still get discounts if you need something we have for sale.

If you plan to be In-Verse on a regular basis, ask to become an Associate. Associates get better money for hauling cargo, are eligible for perks and bonuses, and can crew NTC owned ships. Associates and above are also eligible to apply to take the more critical positions required in an Organization of this size and complexity.

NTC promotes from within. Affiliates can become Associates just by asking, and being available to take jobs. Higher positions are given based on need, and your ability to handle the responsibilities. We are not a multi-game Organization, so we do not have the in-built cliques and politics they do. You will be promoted on your own interest, and merit. Anyone has the ability to work their way up to Organizer, if they have what it takes.

We also believe in work/life balance within the Verse. No matter what your position, you will have the time to explore everything the Verse has to offer outside of NTC. We want to help you enjoy your time in the Verse, and we’ll trade you UEC for your help in making the Nassau Trading Company function. If you have what it takes to progress up the Organizational Ladder, we’ll give you the opportunity.

See our Charter for more details.

Our goal is to become THE place in the Verse where beings trade what they have, for what they need.

Trade always goes both directions™.

By applying to NTC, you agree to the terms in the Charter.


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(Subject to change as the Live PU gets closer)

Articles of Incorporation
Article I: Goals of Cooperation and Organizational Structure

Section 1: Goals

The goal of the Nassau Trading Company is to have fun and make a profit. We will do this by providing the service of transporting as well as buying/selling products both tangible and intangible, to/from interested parties.

Unlike other Organizations, we do not separate information and tangible merchandise into separate categories. If it has value, it is a commodity that can be traded for some form of compensation. High value luxury passenger transport is separated into its own category, for obvious reasons.

We accept all players in all classes (Trader, Explorer, Pirate, Mercenary, etc…) of all abilities. We also don’t care what other Organizations you may be part of. We are a loose group of players and Organizations banded together for mutual help and protection.

Section 2: Play Style

Our Organization is defined as Casual. As such, no member is required to participate for any specific amount of time. Our Organizational structure as defined in Section 3, lends itself very well to this style of play.

We do however expect that any agreements made with NTC by Members, will be upheld to the best of the Member’s ability. If you say you will transport a cargo from port A to port D, we expect that you will do so as quickly as possible (Within a single play session).

Section 3: Organization

As a Syndicate, there is no corporate structure as such. There are however levels of participation. These levels, from most participation to least are: Organizers, Partners, Associates & Affiliates.

You do not have to be an official Member of the Syndicate to buy from us, sell to us, or have a cargo transported by us, but in order to take on any role that will pay, you must be an Affiliate level Member, or higher. Only Members or members of affiliated Organizations can be hired to move cargo under NTC flag.

1. Organizers

As the title suggests, Organizers are the Members who make the decisions about how the Syndicate will be run. Organizers are the points of contact for working with other Organizations on a formal basis. They are also responsible for making sure the Partners under them have what they need to efficiently perform their duties.

In a Corporate structure, they would be Director/Vice President level.

Among the Organizers, there is only one Prime Organizer. This would be the President/CEO/Owner, under a corporate structure. Only the Prime Organizer can speak officially for the Syndicate, unless he specifically assigns that role to another. As the Syndicate grows, more Organizers will be promoted. There will only ever be one Prime Organizer.

Organizers are promoted from Partners. As the Syndicate grows, more Organizers will be sought.

2. Partners

Partners are the Management level. They run the facilities where product is routed, bought and sold. They decide what cargo goes where, when it will go, and assign crew rotations if needed.

Partners have a large responsibility. Partners who run a facility will be tasked with the logistics of routing cargo efficiently to its destination. They are also responsible for setting prices for products bought and sold, and hiring Captains to ship cargo when necessary, as well as other tasks as required.

While the majority of the cargo moved will be at a fixed rate based on distance and other factors, we expect a significant amount to be one off courier transports. Pricing for these will be based on cargo value, cargo type, (and thus the type of ship used) distance to destination, and estimated hazards in transporting the cargo.

This means that a Partner must know the value of an item of information or merchandise, and price transport accordingly, or purchase it for as high a discount to its market price as possible. This is especially true of merchandise that has been damaged, and must be repaired, so understanding the cost of repair is critical.

Partners are one of the biggest factors in determining if NTC (and thus its Members) makes a profit or not.

They will determine how to best route cargo shipped by the general public, that is transported by NTC. If you find the puzzle of logistically determining the fastest, or best route for a shipment appealing, you are the type of person who makes a good Partner.

When you by an item for less than it’s worth, and then sell an item (or service) for more than its market value, you make a profit on both sides of the equation. We don’t want to be greedy, but if you like to haggle, negotiate or shop for bargains, you are the type of person who makes a good Partner.

Knowing when you are negotiating from a position of strength is a key factor in obtaining a bigger profit margin. Since Partners make a commission on their sales in addition to other compensation, the bigger the profit, the more you are compensated.

Partnership isn’t for everyone, and you don’t need to possess both skills of haggling and logistics to make a good partner. It comes with a lot of responsibility, and a decent amount of game time. Good management skills are a must! You are never on your own, the Organizers will help whenever a Partner feels uncomfortable about what they should do. Partners also need to be able to help Associates in the same way.

3. Associates

These are the beings who make everything happen.

On NTC owned ships, Associates will be the captains. Affiliates can crew NTC owned ships, but the captain must always be at least Associate level or higher.

Associates are beings who started out as Affiliates, and showed themselves capable of more. More work, more responsibility, and more UEC. An Affiliate who is reliable, has a more than casual relationship with NTC, and the drive to be more, can be promoted to Associate, if they are interested.

Associates get benefits. Those who use their own ships in transporting cargo, will be reimbursed for some incidentals. Because they tend to take more jobs for NTC, the syndicate reimburses them on a sliding scale for insurance, fuel, and maintenance. The more jobs an Associate takes for NTC, the more they are reimbursed.

Those Associates Captaining NTC fleet ships, need not worry about insurance, fuel or maintenance, since NTC handles all that for them. As positions for Captain of fleet ships open, notice will be sent to all eligible Associates, who will then be able to apply for the opening. Associates already serving as crew on a ship with an opening will be given preference, as they already know the ship and its routine.

Some Associates will be full time employees. These are beings who work at the different facilities, or make regular cargo runs between facilities. Being an Affiliate means stable work, and regular pay, with enough free time to enjoy the Verse.

4. Affiliates

Affiliates are the equivalent of Contractors in the Corporate world. They take on jobs as needed. This leaves them free to follow their pursuits as they wish, when they aren’t contracting for NTC.

When jobs are available, notice will be sent out to the Syndicate membership. Affiliates who are interested can respond to the notification.

Most of the time this will be cargo runs between NTC facilities, or to/from destination worlds. These are straight cargo runs. No negotiations with the customer are required. You’ll only need to make the delivery to the scheduled port, at the scheduled time, and pick up cargo going the opposite direction, and deliver it to the Hub Facility.

Article II: Compensation

Section I: Company Fees

NTC will broker all contracts for pick up or delivery. Fees will consist of the following:

For simple transport of a cargo from port A to port B, a flat rate fee will be based on distance of transport. Shipping Insurance will be available at a nominal fee, based on the value you wish to insure the cargo for.

For specific cases where general transportation can’t be used, or the customer prefers special handling, a price will be negotiated for transport of the cargo, based on:

  • Fuel costs
  • Munitions costs
  • Insurance for value of cargo if requested
  • Costs for security and/or escort, if requested
  • Hazardous cargo fee (to be determined on a case by case basis, based on the hazard presented by the cargo itself, or those who might want the cargo, or both).
  • Percentage profit margin.

The combined total from above will constitute the full transport price.
The above criteria, along with a premium, will be used to price luxury passenger transport.

Section II: Cargo Delivery Compensation

Payment for successful delivery to the cargo destination will be paid to the delivering ship as a whole, based on the amount of cargo moved. Bigger ships moving larger loads will be paid more than smaller ship moving smaller loads. Crew disbursements are the responsibility of the Captain of each ship.

Payment will be made to the Captains once the receiver has acknowledged receipt of the cargo, at which point NTC is no longer responsible for its condition.

Organizers, Partners & Associates are required to maintain insurance on their crafts at all times, if they will be used for cargo transportation. If required to undertake missions that are not covered by insurance, NTC shall make best effort to cover losses or provide company owned ships for the mission. NTC will not be responsible for uninsured non-NTC craft damaged or destroyed during pickup/transport/delivery of cargo. Affiliates are not required to maintain insurance on their craft, but likewise will not be compensated for damaged or destroyed craft.

Pilots are free to fly other gigs, but they do so at their own risk. NTC will not provide munitions nor cover any losses.

Section III: Purchases

Partners are responsible for determining the price at which an item will be purchased. Factors that go into this decision are:

  • Condition of the item or expected value of the information
  • Current market value of the item in part or in whole
  • Costs to repair item, if any
  • Profit margin of at least 30%
  • If an item cannot be brought in for inspection, additional costs for craft, crew, and travel expenses to the location of said item will be determined

At times chosen by the Organizer’s discretion, bonuses may be delivered to Partners, Associates & Affiliates who have demonstrated exceptional service. These bonuses will be determined by Organization profitability, and/or the exceptionalism of Members. These bonuses may take many forms, from extra credits paid to all qualifying Members due to high profits, to special events organized for a few who have shown exceptional ability in helping the Organization grow. NTC is dedicated to show its appreciation for all that you do for us.

Members who wish to, may donate funds to the Organization toward the purchase of various craft. There are no membership dues, but donations to the Organization are appreciated. We’d love to be able to spend 15K and get the Complete Package of ships with LTI! You can donate at the NTC Stream page.

Article III: Code of Conduct

Rules for Delivery:

  1. Cargo shipments outside space considered “Safe”, at least one armed ship must fly escort.
  2. In such areas, if more than one cargo vessel is used, the number of escort ships must at least equal the number of cargo ships. More escort ships may be used for “High Value” cargo, or in areas known to be dangerous.
  3. Multiple NTC owned ships flying in unsafe space together will be flown in a standard “Box” formation for mutual defense.
  4. Delivery of cargo should be made in as prompt a manner as possible. (One play session) If you don’t have the time to make the entire flight, don’t sign up for the run. This goes for all members of the crew, no matter their assigned station.
  5. When possible, cargo crews and escorts should be 100% PCs. NPCs will be hired only if required.
  6. All contracts will be in writing and are binding within game
  7. NTC reserves the right to refuse anyone service at any time.
  8. Customers have the option to send one (1) ship with a delivery fleet, if they choose, at their own expense.
  9. Customers have the right to object to any members serving on the craft(s) delivering their cargo. Attempts will be made to substitute another Syndicate member in their place, but at the cost of hiring an extra crew person for each replacement. The objected crew member(s) will get paid for a successful delivery, even though they didn’t make the trip. Those salaries will be added to the final cost of delivery.

Rules of Conduct:

  1. No Syndicate member will attack any ship under NTC flag. (This means if you’re a Privateer or Pirate, if the ship is on a delivery for NTC, you’ll keep your hands off.) Means of identification (Beacon or Transponder) and the exact codes will be determined as the PU gets closer.
  2. Any Syndicate member, no matter what level (Organizer, Partner, Associate, or Affiliate) will respond to any distress call by any other Syndicate member they receive. [No matter whether you are on a cargo run for us or not, if you get into trouble, call out and other members will respond if they are close, whether they are on a cargo run for us or not.] (Means of identification will be determined closer to the PU going live)
    1. If a Syndicate member is under attack, you will help defend that member and their ship, no matter who is attacking. (That means if you find a pirate ship being attacked by UEE ships, you will jump in on the side of the pirate, though you are just as likely to defend against Pirates or other Hostiles.)
    2. Help to our members is not restricted to aiding in defense. They may be stranded by damage, lack of fuel, or other issues.
    3. Should it be found that a Syndicate member is abusing this privilege, the privilege will be revoked.
  3. Parties who plunder cargo under NTC flag will face stiff consequences once they are discovered (and they will be discovered).
  4. Unless actively engaged by another faction, when on assignment for NTC, you will remain absolutely neutral in any and all conflicts between other factions (Except where it conflicts with 2(1) above).
  5. Affiliate & Associate level members may display, redact, or hide their NTC affiliation as they choose. These levels are also not required to set NTC as their main Organization. There will be times and places where being a member can be an advantage, or a disadvantage.
  6. Partner level and above must display their NTC membership at all times, and NTC must be their main Organization. You wouldn’t have accepted the promotion, if you weren’t proud of the group, right?
  7. Only Organizers can make official alliances with other Organizations. If you believe we would benefit from an alliance with an Organization you have some influence with, let us know who, and why.
  8. Only the Prime Organizer may make official statements for the Syndicate, unless he directs another to make those statements for him. Direct all inquiries to the Prime Organizer.
  9. All disputes between Members should be resolved by the disputing parties if possible. If not, someone from the next higher level will resolve it for them.
  10. Should a threat to NTC become apparent, all Syndicate members are expected to come to the aid of NTC in whatever capacity may be required.
  11. Be nice to each other, have fun, and make some Credits!
  12. Trade always goes in both directions.™

By applying to NTC, you agree to the terms in the Charter.