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Roberts Space Industries

Null Space Inc / NULLSPACE

  • PMC
  • Regular
  • Security
  • Transport

Completely legitimate security and transport company.


Founded in 2946 by former UEE Marine and Navy members.
From criminals civilian to military, if you need someone or something to get safely to grandma’s house or an active combat zone, we a Null Space Inc will make it happen! We guarantee your satisfaction or your credits back!


Null Space Inc does not discriminate or judge its clients however it does and will discriminate deal with and harshly judge its clients enemies/aggressors with extreme prejudice!


1. Always look and do your best during work hours.

2. Unsanctioned criminal acts will not be tolerated.

3. Always report suspicious activity to the officer on duty.

4. Don’t be a dick to Null Space employees/clients.

5. Alcohol is prohibited during work hours.

6. Xenos of any kind are not to be interacted with unless hostile.

7. Do not fire unless fired upon.

8. Due to our strict no xeno policy, employees are encouraged to report any potential xeno activity. a.) Any employee found aiding or harboring xenos will be harshly reprimanded. b.) Reprimand administered will vary by jurisdiction.

9. Always follow a superiors orders. Insubordination will not be tolerated.

10. Always end a contract with a handshake and a smile.