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NullTide is an organization centered around the premise of building a familiar and strong community base to excel as not just a group of people in the verse, but as a complete faction delving into every aspect of the verse short of piracy.

NullTide Discord


Ever since the first human set sail on a journey across the Mediterranean Sea, sailors from all eras of human history looked upon the stars to navigate the vast seas of Earth. Now we find ourselves exploring the very same sea of stars we used so long ago. Finding comfort in its familiarity and trust in its consistency. However, there is much that we have yet to discover about this old friend, who has many secrets that she wishes to keep hidden and some that are better off left in the shadows.

NullTide is a sovereign state dedicated to monitoring and protecting the endless sea of stars. Formed by a group of survivors of the Uriel terraforming disaster as a free haven away from inefficient and inadequate governments and capitalistic bureaucracies, like the ones they left in Oberon. Instead forming a government based as a military stratocracy efficient, self-sufficient, and more than adequate. The founders of NullTide found themselves in a lethal and inhospitable system called Nul. Despite the lawlessness of being an unclaimed system, the ever growing shadow of the Vandul and their raiding parties, and the lack of any hospitable or non-toxic planet. They simply surveyed the system and said “It could be worse.” From that point on the sovereign state of NullTide took it upon themselves to establish order to a lawless system, thriving societies in an environment that will kill you the moment you drop your guard, and establish a beachhead from which to shine a light upon the Vandul shade. NullTide is established on the premise that every citizen is a soldier and every soldier is a citizen. Every citizen adds their ripple to the wave, by taking part in any career in the verse other than piracy. If you are looking for a fresh start, safe haven, or a new purpose then embrace the tides of change, for we are rising.


Mission Statement: The primary Mission of NullTide is to create and maintain a completely self sufficient independent player government, essentially forming our own faction claiming areas of space and making sure that they are safe and secure. We intend to create a high quality way of life for those looking to escape large and inefficient governments.

NullTide consists of a high command and three distinct branches-

  • Imperial Military
  • Imperial State Office
  • Imperial Industry

Imperial Military

The Imperial Military is split into three internal branches.

Imperial Navy:

  • The Imperial Navy is tasked with conducting aerospace operations within NullTide controlled territories as well as operation condoned by Imperial high command.
  • The Imperial Navy consists of a wide arrangement of combat oriented military ships intended to take part is various intensities of combat environments.
  • The Imperial Navy is the primary military presence within the NullTide Empire, by conducting patrol operations in and around NullTide space. This is to encourage free trade in NullTide space by eliminating as many hostile threats within our space as possible and provide a safe area for others to conduct their business.
  • The Imperial Navy conducts all aerospace operations condoned by Imperial High Command inside and outside of official NullTide territories.

Imperial Army:

  • The Imperial Army acts as facility defense personnel for all NullTide controlled assets, as well as conducting all ground and boarding operations condoned by Imperial high command.
  • The Imperial Army is an elite force of personnel trained to excel in ground based operations.Imperial marines are tasked with the defense of NullTide ground installations including NullTide embassies, as well as on board NullTide capital ships and orbital installations.
  • The Imperial Army soldiers also execute all ground operations issued by Imperial Command, with the support of the Imperial Navy and Imperial Intelligence officers.

Imperial Intelligence:

  • The Imperial Intelligence is tasked to conduct all intelligence gathering and clandestine operations issued by Imperial high command.
  • Imperial Intelligence operatives work in the shadows to gather as much information as possible to aid decisions within the Imperial High Command.
  • Intelligence operatives conduct clandestine operations issued by Imperial Command. These operations include, but are not limited to: intelligence gathering, hacking, espionage, sabotage, and political manipulation.

Imperial State Office:

  • The Imperial State Office’s primary task is to manage all NullTide territories.This task also includes the establishment, maintenance, management of all orbital or ground based infrastructure.
  • Imperial State diplomats are tasked with establishing, negotiating, and managing all political relations that pertain to the NullTide Empire

Imperial Industrial Corps:

  • The Industrial Corps handles all transportation needs as well as hauling cargo and conducting trade.
  • All mining and salvaging operations are also conducted by the Industrial Corps.
  • Research and Development for the NullTide empire is handled by the corps.
  • The Industrial Corps will also handle all repair and refuel operations to support the empire.


No citizen of NullTide is endorsed for any act of piracy.
Interactions with other organizations shall be held to a high standard, and we shall avoid any confidentiality breaching actions.
Chain of Command is important for every branch, however in the event of suspected wrongdoing you are permitted to approach the High Command.

We only have five rules and it will always be up to the org moderators discretion to whether a rule was violated and what the appropriate punishment should be.

If you wish to join NullTide you must read all of these rules.

Org Rules
1.) Any sexually explicit content is expressly forbidden in all text channels within the NullTide Discord server, and such content is to be immediately removed as soon as possible.

2.) Any Direct threats to any User’s person made within the text channels of the NullTide Discord Server are expressly forbidden by NullTide.

3.) Any Direct threats to any User’s person made over Voice Channels are expressly forbidden by NullTide.

4.) Any Direct Harassment as determined by a moderator is expressly forbidden by NullTide.

5.) Though we do respect freedom of speech, discussions about religion or politics that progress into disruptive or uncomfortable arguments are a punishable incident within the NullTide server and organizational structure.

Now that you have finished reading please confirm this with a moderator or your recruiter. They will ask you a question or two about the server rules. Once you are confirmed then you will be granted full member access to the server.