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Oasis Syndicate / OASYN

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In a desert of despair there is a well of radiance. We are that well. The river that flows through the barren lands. The darkness that shines brighter than the stars. We are the merciful, yet most ruthless. Brothers in arms for all causes, or none. We are the Oasis.


During the jurisdiction of the UEE, many sought to do what the empire promised for the citizens of the Stanton system, but never followed through with. Originating from New Babbage, Microtech, the Oasis Syndicate rose in the shadows of the beautiful city, seeking to balance it in all aspects. Money, power, influence. All of which must be kept in check and maintained to preserve peace. Soon, the white and gold spread to the far reaches of the system, further extending their need for balance.


We will balance the scale.

Be the law that is not enforced.

Be the hope when all is hopeless.

Be the path not on the course.

Be the love, the hate, the pleasure, the pain.

Persistence, Consistency, and Commitment are our core values. Our will to live. We seek to balance our star system by any means necessary, whether it be causing joy or delivering grief, it does not matter.


  1. Members must wear white primarily, and gold secondarily when acting in the interest, or by the name of the syndicate. Tertiary colors are optional and can be any hue, but must not cover more surface than the primary and secondary colors.
  1. Commit to your wagers. A wager is the accepting of a mission, or bet, whether it be from another syndicate member, or a contract. It must be followed through until success, failure, or death.
    • This does not apply to bets made by and accepted from non-syndicate members.
    • Bets must be paid when accepted and completed.
  1. Never question your fellow syndicate members of their activities, motives, or means of income. We are built on trust, and thus, put that trust in each other.
    • Accusations of misconduct or actions not in line with the values of the syndicate may be called out. However, if it is found that your accusations are willfully falsified, you will assume the punishment of the accused.
  1. No association. For your, and the syndicate’s, safety, Never announce your affiliation with the syndicate to non-syndicate members, unless necessary. This includes personal allies. Necessary situations may include life or death situations, critical scenarios, or a dire need for back up.
    • You may announce your affiliation to clients and their associates, but inform them that they are not allowed to share that information.
    • Your affiliation may be announced if working in a group of 5 or more syndicate members.
    • Recruiters are exempt from this rule, for obvious reasons, as is the higher members of leadership.
  1. Anyone is welcome. Whether friend, or former foe, anyone willing may join the syndicate, and will be accepted with open arms.
  1. Balance the scale. Try your best to maintain a neutral stance in any and all conflicts. Offer your help only to the disadvantaged.
  1. Conflicts of interest. If you and another syndicate member are pitted against each other, fight if you must, but do well to save your brother in the end.
  1. Work on your own terms. It does not matter who they are or how powerful, when someone hires your they are accepting YOUR terms, and thus you will work within your own limits and comfort.
  1. Vengeance will be served, whether cold or hot. Syndicate members are obligated and free to avenge each other in any way they see fit. Enough said.
  1. Alliances are not forever. Even if we may be allied with another organization, do not trust its members. You may work with them, but always take their words with a grain of salt.
  1. Dead men tell no tales. Non-syndicate members, or members who have, or intend to release sensitive information about the syndicate (i.e. names and ranks of members, possessions of members, locations and/or current activities) are subject to vengeance.
  1. Own your failures. If you messed up, its all right. Bad news never gets better with time. Always own up to your mistakes.
  1. Finally, don’t take it too seriously. This might be a meta rule, but its just a game at the end of the day. Have fun!