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Octane Industries is an organization primarily base on profit and fun. Feel free to browse, and please visit our Discord for career opportunities.
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Octane Industries is an Earth base corporation owned by two eccentric individuals. Financed primarily from fuel refineries, they expended their activities from import & export to a wide variety of sectors.
Pride supporter of sports and high adrenaline, Octane Industries created the Octane Racing Team (ORT) and host various VIP entertainment venues.

Driven by profit, results and employees well-being, Octane Industries is now a growing actor in various businesses.

As a freelancer corporation we offer a variety of services, including but not limited to, transport of cargo, commerce, trading, sensitive data handling, bounty hunting, refueling, repairs, medical assistance, racing, mining, salvaging and VIP Services.

All contracts and exchange with our corporation are confidential. We take our clients and their interests with the outmost importance.


About Us

Our freelancer and trading corporation is driven by profit, results, the well-being of ours employees and the comfort of our VIP clients. From import & export to head hunting, Octane got you covered.

Our Values


As a corporation, our primary goal is to make profit. Expending ours assets, funding, personal and our business opportunities are key points to our success.


We value excellence and efficiency. We encourage our personal to deliver the best solutions to achieve our goals.


All Octane personal are to remain respectful in all their written or vocal exchange with any other Octane personal, board members, clients or any other individual.


We have a strict policy against bullying, griefing and killing on sight without viable reasons. None of our personal are allowed in such behaviors until fired upon, in a self defense situation , bounty hunting or fighting pirates.

Business Sectors

  • Bounty Hunting
  • Cargo Transport
  • Data Transport
  • Exploration
  • Fuel & Repairs
  • Medical
  • Mining
  • Racing
  • Salvage
  • Security
  • VIP Services


Expectations of Enlisted Employees:

Each Octane employee is expected to follow the rules and conduct set forth under the following sections.

  • An employee is expected to hold their self with respect and professionalism at all times.
  • An employee is expected, while on assignements, to follow the orders of their superior officer to the best of his or her ability.
  • An employee is expected to fulfill their designated position to the best of their abilities

Code of Conduct & Punishment:

Any Octane personal may be subject to warnings or dismissal based upon infractions committed. Infractions are classified as outlined below:

Minor Infractions

In the event that a minor infraction has been committed by an employee and there is sufficient supporting evidence of the infraction, the employee will be given a written warning from a supervisor. If three (3) minor infractions are committed within a 30-day period, the offender is dismissed from the Corporation. If at the end of this period no infractions are committed, the earliest infraction will be removed from that employee’s record

Are considered minor infractions:

  • Insulting or harassing language directed towards an employee, board member, client or any other individual or group
  • Excessive use of inappropriate language
  • Religious Debates
  • Political Debates
  • Spamming or trolling
  • Refusing or failing to carry out any instructions of a supervisor during offical work
  • Intentionally giving any false profit report
  • Not taking proper care of, neglecting, or abusing the Corporation’s assets
  • Willfully damaging, destroying, or stealing property belonging to fellow employees or the Corporation
  • Using the Corporation’s assets in an unauthorized manner
  • Griefing other players
  • Killing on sight other players without any valid reason (Pirates, bounty on them, self defense are valid reasons)

Major Infractions

In the event that a major infraction has been committed by an employee and there is sufficient supporting evidence of the infraction, the aforementioned employee will be dismissed from the Corporation and banned from accessing its resources.

Are considered major infractions:

  • Racial / Ethnic Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Real-Life Threats
  • Distribution of real-life personal information
  • Posting Cheats, Hacks, Exploits, Viruses or Malicious Programs