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Roberts Space Industries ®

The Old Hall / OLDHALL

  • Club
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Social
  • Transport

Named after the Old Hall on Terra, this Origin 600i operates as a Crewed Luxury Yacht Charter.

While onboard guests can sit back and enjoy the sights of the verse while safely conversing with one another and enjoying refreshments.


The Old Hall was commissioned 2951 Dec 01 and affectionately named after the physical location from New Austin, Terra.

Maiden Passenger Voyage

The vessel is currently scheduled to depart from private landing pads around Orison, Crusader.

  • Currently hiring crew members
    Available Crew Positions:
  • Engineer
  • Chef
  • Crewman
  • All Roles must pass background evaluations prior to acceptance.


The Old Hall has been commissioned as a Crewed Luxury Yacht Charter. Passengers can enjoy safe passage through the verse while seeing many sights. Members and VIPs may also use the time to actively promote their organizations while they enjoy refreshments at the bar.

For Ticket Prices please see Discord

*For private functions please contact the Captain to discuss reservations.


The Old Hall shall perform the function of a Chartered Vessel and provide safe Passage to all guests on board.

The Crew will adhere to the following:
- Ensure Passenger safety above all else.
- Treat all guests respectfully, at all times.
- Maintain assigned posts while underway.

All Guests aboard The Old Hall must adhere to the following:
- No hate speech while on board the vessel.
- All weapons must be stowed or stored.
- Remain in Guest approved locations.
- Follow instructions as provided by the Crew.