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Mystic Forces isn’t just some faceless corporation or ragtag group of mercenaries, we’re a highly organised network of Freelancers.

Data & cargo hauling, security, personnel… We do it all, and we’re the best.

Fly with us.

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MYSTIC FORCES was founded back in 2006, albeit under a different name. In truth we have gone by several names over the years as we have moved from game to game. But whilst our name and branding may have changed, our core values haven’t, and our members have remained ever loyal, because that’s the kind of community we inspire. You can ask many of our members, myself included, and they will state categorically, that MYSTIC FORCES is more than just a clan/guild/community, it’s a family.

Primarily, we have been a Star Wars focused game community, having been founded as a clan in the once popular Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. During our time in JKA, we had one of the biggest clans and most active servers in the game. We also competed in tournaments, and in the last 3 years that it was run, we went from Bronze medalists, to Silver, and finally Gold. Such is the nature of our competitiveness and determination. This same determination will be an essential trait for players to have when attempting to conduct freelancing operations in the Star Citizen universe. Other games we have played include SW: The Old Republic, Aion, Elder Scrolls Online, The Division and Battlefield.

We always have, and always will accept all players from any walk of life, any age, any location, any ethnicity. We operate our own Discord separate to our RSI page, and we encourage all gamers to check us out, whether you wish to be apart of our organization or not, our Discord is an open forum to all. If you want to participate in coordinated jobs with the rest of the organization you may be required to be in voice chat during those times (even if just to listen), whether that be on our Discord channel, or using in-game voice systems.

Want to know more? Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have either here, or on the Discord.


MYSTIC FORCES isn’t just some faceless corporation or ragtag group of mercenaries, we’re a highly organized network of freelancers. We consider all jobs, large and small and deal with anything from data, to cargo and even personnel. We also run teams of medics and fighters for support roles in larger operations and other freelancing work that we might take on. We welcome pilots and crew of any caliber or experience into the MYSTIC FORCES, as we will provide all essential training and information you need to be a successful asset to the organization – whether you own a humble little Aurora, or the biggest capital ship in the ‘Verse.

Aside from the smaller one-man or single crew freelancing jobs that members will undertake on a daily basis, the Order will of course take on larger jobs that will require a large portion of the fleet, and we expect pilots to put a priority on these operations for the benefit of the organization, and all of it’s members.

Take on any work you wish, and do so with the organizations banner on your hull and the assurance that if you’re in need, MYSTIC FORCES will come. We do not judge your actions by the laws of the UEE, instead we live by two very simple core values. But if you fail to adhere to them, you will not fly with us for long.


Please read about these in more detail on our Charter. If these are values that you can live by, then please send an application through to our Recruitment officers here, and we will contact you as quickly as possible.



Nothing is more noble, nothing is more venerable, than loyalty. Wherever loyalty exists there is a glimpse of freedom. That is why unwavering, indestructible and unconditional loyalty to MYSTIC FORCES and it’s members is not just expected, but demanded. Pilots will never do or say anything that could harm the organization for malicious reasons or personal gain. The success of the organization takes utmost priority, and in turn, MYSTIC FORCES reciprocates this loyalty to each and every member tenfold. Success for the organization, means success for all. If your actions should ever create conflict or go against our Core Values, then swift action will be taken by the organization as a fleet to end that conflict by any means necessary.


The concept of etiquette and good manners seems pointless when you’re a kid, but when you grow up you realize that these customs function as a way to keep a community running smoothly. We should respect our fellow pilots because it’s the right thing to do, not just because someone did something impressive or because they are someone you perceive as having a higher status than you – be respectful to all within the organization, not just those you are close to. Through co-operation and friendship, we achieve great things.