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Oppenheimers Lament / OPPSLAMENT

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Ice Pirates, Firefly, Spaceballs and Dora the Explorer took all the good lines already. We have a good time together. We like Alcohol, or mouthwash when we run out of alcohol and can’t afford the real stuff. On a good note, we usually have minty fresh breath.


Oppenheimer’s Lament was formed in a small prison cell in southern Oklahoma in 1951. It was a Tuesday night. Something Something, running around wearing only an undersized left shoe can get you in trouble some times. After we no longer were required to wear monitoring bracelets, Our founding members tried on space suits, and began to ride the rocking spaceship machine outside a local supermarket. We soon ran out of quarters, and tried to mug some homeless guy for more change. After waking up in the hospital a couple of days later, feeling like were beaten by a homeless guy, we decided to stick to being internet tough guys. That didn’t work so well in World of Warcraft, so we tried to play Age of Conan. After the 5 years of therapy required to recover from playing that, we decided to give Star Citizen a shot. Hey, its a lot harder to hit things in space.


Conan, What are the three greatest things in life?

1. To crush your enemies.
2. To see them driven before you.
3. To become the Governor of California, and later be publicly disgraced by allegations of infidelity.


We have been granted authority to go forth, and steal hubcaps by the voices in our heads.