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Pariah Free Company / PARIAHCOM

  • Syndicate
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Freelancing
  • Transport

Pariah Free Company.

Founded, operated, and managed by an idiot…..somehow



Founded in the back of a Drake Cutlass in 2942, and born from the mind of a jaded soul. Pariah Free Company has made the rounds in the ‘Verse as a small-time organization. There was never any desire for some far-reaching grandiose notion of conquering the galaxy or becoming a power in their own right to challenge the clambering masses setting out to do the same.

There was never a misguided agenda to save the galaxy from itself or serve a dying withering Empire with blind patriotism.

Pariah Free Company was founded on one principle. To Survive.

This small band of individuals was only interested in making a buck to pay the next bill, put food on the table, and were for better or worse, content with the way the galaxy currently is.

They have no pledge of allegiance, fly no flag other than their own, and mingle with an outlaw, citizen, and alien. Business is business, and they go where the credits go. They don’t ask questions about where you came from and don’t care where you go.

Per the namesake, Pariah Free Company serves no government, organization, or faction other than themselves, making them ‘free’.

Roaming the ‘Verse, Pariah is seen as a nomadic group, traveling across the black in a fleet of ships that are aging and are in various states of constant repair. Their flag of neutrality and independent philosophy of offering no allegiance has made them difficult to trust in the eyes of others, lending themselves further to their namesake.

They are vagabonds, outcasts, a collection of rejects who didn’t quite fit into the idealistic views of the galaxy and all its faux glimmer.

The ‘Verse is on the cusp of a new era, and the Pariahs are there to ride the pages of history.


Who’s asking?


We do what we want when we want to do it.