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Roberts Space Industries


  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Social
  • Exploration

We are a casual organization focused on positivity, inclusivity and in-game social gatherings. Every member is free to fulfill any role they want, whether it’s in exploration, mining, transport or otherwise. Hope to see you in the PERVS (Verse)!


Please check Manifesto for the meaning behind P.E.R.V.S.


The acronym P.E.R.V.S. represents the pillars of the organization:

Positivity – embody and spread positive vibes.
Exploration – explore the Verse (and it’s beautiful glitches) on your own, in a small group, in a large group; in any way you want.
Relaxation – foster a relaxed gaming environment; we are not here to compete with each other (although this of course shouldn’t stop you from being competitive in the game itself).
Versatility – we allow everyone to play as they wish, so the same goes for any organizations, affiliations, or companies you may join.
Social – be social, be welcoming, and have fun!


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