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Freelance Inc / PLANET319

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If we can haul it, We’ll deliver it !


Freelance Inc, is an organisation which allows for easy to find temporary work on delivery and smuggling basis. Created for the sole purpose of centralised job hunting in the verse, Freelance Inc is the perfect place to start your career as a pilot.


Our scale and expertise, combined with our experience across all industry sectors, means we have developed successful supply chain solutions for customers of all sizes, including many of the world’s leading brands and corporations. Whatever your requirement, there’s a good chance we’ve already developed a range of innovative solutions to meet your challenge


Fleet Rules and Guidelines:

Members are granted the right to defend themselves, other fleet members, and our allies from any acts of aggression that may take place.
Under no circumstances will it be deemed acceptable to engage allied forces.
Piracy is not tolerated.
Cheating and exploitation, whether through the use of third party programs or bugs found within the game, are highly unacceptable.
Members will follow the lead of their division officer / command team and complete assigned tasks.
Members should take initiative and engage, when appropriate, in tasks assigned to other divisions.
When working with another division, you are expected to adhere to their policies and protocols and to follow the lead of that particular division’s command team

Jabber/Forums Rules, Expectations, and Guidelines:

No spamming.
Keep chat and links appropriate.
Refer to General Rules listed above.