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Roberts Space Industries ®

Safeguard Mining Industries / PMSP

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Welcome friends as for we present to you Safeguard Mining Industries the multi purpose org which allows a hub for both Miners and Security contractors to converse and work together with any given trip they need/want! Thank you for checking us out and please don’t hesitate to join the discord/org!


We’re just a small org looking to startup something big for Miners and Body Guards alike! We don’t have such a history yet but why not make one with us?

Please consider joining and thank you for your time!


We would like to make a place where both new and expert players can group up and safely do the tasks they want to finish. We offer a hub for both mining and a security workers to send out contracts and accept them through our discord! We look forward to your potential arrival!


The rules for such a group is quite simple
we’d like if you wouldn’t cause trouble and act as a troll within our Org

Thank you

(If you have any questions please contact the discord for more information)