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Proudly Casual Citizens Unite / PPCU

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Proudly Casual Citizens where family-friendly fun meets engaging profitable adventures. We’re here to enjoy ourselves and be successful while acknowledging we all have real-life demands on our time. Share, engage, create and succeed, is our creed. Enjoying Star Citizen one epic adventure at a time.


The past doesn’t matter anymore. We’re here to focus on today and forward. This organization was founded as a soft landing for those who crave epic adventures and shenanigans on their way to achieving their Star Citizen goals. Where needing help or not knowing something isn’t a crime. We’re casually hardcore. Hardcore in pursuing our individual and collective objectives yet casual enough to have laughter along the way.


We intend to provide a social environment that is family friendly and supportive in helping its members achieve their in-game goals regardless of profession. If you’re looking for hardcore grinding out missions or nose-to-the grindstone play-style, this isn’t the home for you.

Our focus will be orchestrating fun social events where everyone who is interested and available, is welcome to participate. As professions come online, we will organize outings to support all of the player professions on a rotating basis, in a come-as-you-are party. No exclusions based on ships, skills or in-game experience. We are always an ALL MEMBERS ARE WELCOME organization.

Events such as:

  • Exploration Excursions
  • Group Mission runs
  • Ship Loaner Day
  • Crew Me Up Day
  • Rotating Career Support Ops
  • Etc.

We’re more than happy to accept you as an affiliate if you need a different setting for your primary organization.


Here we keep it simple. Star Citizen is a game – form of entertainment. And while many may choose to play hardcore, having a respectful and polite attitude is king in PCC.

  • PCC Members pride themselves on being:
  • Polite
  • Respectful
  • Considerate of everyone’s time
  • A family-friendly voice comms
  • A member that exhibits a pay-it-forward mentality