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Purple One Touring / PURPLEONE

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  • Role play
  • Transport
  • Smuggling

Purple One Touring specializes in gear, crew, and artist transportation from one show to the next! We also employ highly qualified sound, lighting, video, back line, pyro, and special FX technicians who can work with a multitude of Terran and alien theatrical/concert equipment and systems.


Established, originally, in 1988 out of the garage of the Stone family, of Texas on Terra Prime, Purple One started out a group of techs getting together and marketing themselves for hire, evolved over the next 40 years into a full service touring company and from there we went to the stars! Over, nearly, the thousand years that we have been around we have been keeping performers, technicians, and their equipment on schedule and on point from one show to the next.

As the galaxy has changed, so have we. We were among the very first Terran companies to learn Banu and Xi-An performance technologies and systems. Our crew and our gear can make your show happen anywhere and any time.


We believe cultural exchange is the most meaningful and vibrant form of communication. It is our sincere goal to help further that communication not only among Terrans, but other races as well by being on the cutting edge of entertainment transport and technology.

Like the sailors who first established, on Earth, many of the terms, methods, and techniques used backstage nearly a millennia ago, we sail the stars and look to carry on that tradition of pioneering into the next advances in entertainment. The world is no longer the stage, this whole damn galaxy is.

In space, they can’t hear you scream, but they will hear you rock.


  1. Funk hard. Funk real hard.
  2. Safety meetings.
  3. DO NOT get into fights while working.
  4. If you’re going to smuggle, be sure you’re smuggling for our friends.
  5. Do not allow artists to go through an airlock on their own. They are prone to forgetting their suits.
  6. Due to a recent outbreak, we’d like to remind you all to use protection while touring, especially if you intend to get to know alien locals.
  7. You are authorized to use lethal force against anyone that threatens you, your crew, artists, or the gear. We do not play, boys.
  8. Some hostiles you may be able to communicate with prior to them attacking. Always have show tickets available to barter with when pirates or any other similar hostiles are encountered. Pirate parties are the best parties, anyway.
  9. Audio crews, please stop picking on the lighting crews. Their turnover rate IS NOT cool, play nice in the sandbox.
  10. Lighting crews, stop whining.
  11. These rules go to eleven. So should you.