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Welcome to Rage Nation!

Be sure to stop by (Rage Quit) and (Brett Humber) and catch our latest stream!


Rage Nation made its start as a rag tag group of merchant traders looking to make a name for themselves among an ever evolving Universe, with pirating and freelance mercenaries abound, the only thing left to do was to found a unified force under the banner of Rage Nation. Although not militaristic or pirates by nature, RN is an organization that seeks to take advantage of opportunity and has been known to engage in a broad spectrum of activities.


Morality is King! Rage Nation is an organization that seeks to elevate its members and never looks exploit the weak. If you work hard to make a name for yourself within the org you will be recognized and compensated accordingly. While RN does engage in less than favorable activities from time to time, we are not murderers and we are not pirates. As such we will not condone or endorse the killing of innocents or defenseless persons. If your interests are in the grey area be sure to talk to our High Command and we will find a place for your "talents".


Welcome to Rage Nation!

Here we will lay down some guidelines and rules to follow whilst operating in the Org.
  • Religion Politics and Racism are absolutely not authorized!
  • If you are participating in a live stream, please keep it PG-13.