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Ravenshroud / RAVENSHRD

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A sharp eye keeps opportunities in sight.


In 2948, a group of people from various places around the verse found themselves drawn together in what could only be called a moment of pure Destiny. Each possessing a unique skill that the others did not share, an idea was born where each set of skills could be honed to form a dynamic and adaptive team that could accomplish what none of them could do alone.

As with all things, the people drifted apart, and each went their way, but the idea continued to live on.

In time, this idea grew and while it changed shape multiple times, the spark slowly becomes an ember. Ravenshroud was born of the concept to be adaptive and modular in all things. To allow those who know something well, to do that thing well. To learn to be more than we are and work in unity to achieve a goal while retaining the skills that make us who we are.

Now in 2952, the Ember will become a flame, and given time, that flame will become an inferno. It has become the mission of Ravenshroud to build a home for all that would aid us. Defend that home and maintain an equilibrium in our culture that cannot be rivaled.

If you have not found your place in the verse yet, we can help you get there.


The Goal

Star Citizen is a game that will one day require collaboration, coordination, and common purpose if great things are to be achieved. This Org was developed with an eye toward the future while keeping watch on the present. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished with enough planning and people. The only limitations are those placed on the game by CIG. As a standing value of the org, and as a matter of importance is enabling all gameplay for members.

What we do

The Org offers a wide range of options for people. To aid in this, the Org has four main Divisions, each with several Branches that people can go between at will. They are detailed further down. To be clear, no member of Ravenshroud is locked into a specific Branch or even in a Division itself. However, there will be incentives for dedicated members to excel and stick with the profession they like most in the Org. People that show leadership qualities and are willing to put forth the effort will be able to earn ranks within the Org.

The Jobs

Official operations will be done on a regular basis and planned out ahead of time so people can make plans to join in if they wish. Ad hoc operations will happen frequently to take advantage of new opportunities. On rare occasions the entire Org will be mobilized to accomplish a strategic objective. In addition to the official operations Divisions will hold fun events for its members to take part in and win prizes. These are meant to give additional content to people and mix up the routine.


“On the road to wisdom, behave like the raven and observe everything carefully”

The Mission of Ravenshroud is to provide a home for players looking to engage in regular group play for Industry, Logistics, Exploration, and Combat. The overriding priority is, and always will be, to have fun doing what we do and doing what brings us the most fun and profit at the time.

The Org will support member’s activities and in turn they will support the Org through their actions and participation in regular operations to accomplish overarching goals for the Organization as a whole. Ravenshroud will pursue all avenues available to provide members with profit opportunities that will benefit everyone involved. Above all else the aim is to have fun. Whether it comes from small group operations, large Division or Org-wide ops, owning a large mining station, or trying to mine an enemy capital ship’s hull, Ravenshroud will do whatever is most fun for people and what makes the most profit at the time.