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Red Squadron, also referred to as Red Group, Is a starfighter squadron, that served as part of the Rebel Alliance’s starfighter corps during the Galactic Civil War. The squadron participated in campaigns such as the Battle of Scarif, the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Endor.

After the war, Red Squadron member Novak, was assigned to lead Red Squadron, but when no longer needed in the rebel alliance, Novak decided to transform Red Squadron into a private military organization.


We fight in war for freedom
We follow orders
We fly for Justice
We never stop
We never hesitate
We are pilots
We are elitists
We are Red Squadron


Red Squadron code of honor:
I swear, to live by the Manifesto of Red Squadron
I swear to fight for freedom
I swear to follow orders
I swear to fly for justice
I swear to never stop
I swear to be a pilot
I swear to be an elitist
I am a part of Red Squadron

Rules of the Red Squadron:

1. To always follow orders
2. Never work with another organization without permission from highest ranked member
3. Honor your fallen comrades
4. Respect your rank
5. All member (nor recruits) must have “Red squad number” in front of their name


1. Nobody should blindly follow orders from someone of the same rank (unless that person is leading a mission)
2. Only Rank 3 and higher are allowed to give orders
3. Nobody are allowed to abuse their rank
4. Recruits should not participate in any missions or contracts
5. The highest ranked will take control, if the leader is killed during a mission
6. Everyone is allowed to take a personnel contracts (except recruits)
7. Only Majors are allowed to accept a contract involving the whole Squadron

Freelancing contracts:

There is 2 types of contracts, one is personnel contracts.
personnel contracts are contracts that can be done the same day (more or less)
They should be contracts that give a pay beforehand, and the rest of the pay after it is completed
These mission should be simple, and should not involve more than 5 people from the squad

Examples: kill a target, transport a person, escort a ship, attack a convoy on 3 ships or less

The other type is Squad contracts.
They are big, and involve more than 5 people
They are hard and need tactics
They have a Mission leader assigned to them

Examples: escort a large convoy, attack a capital ship, attack a convoy of more than 3 ships, destroy another organization

Mission protocol:

1. All participants must attend the briefing
2. All participants must report before taking off
3. All participants must report before going into hyperspace
4. All participants must report before attacking

How to report:

1. the mission leader will say “mission leader here, All wings report in”
2. The pilost will report in with “Red squad number standing by”


“All wings report in. — Red Ten standing by. — Red Seven standing by. — Red Three standing by. — Red Six standing by. — Red Nine standing by. — Red Two standing by. — Red Eleven standing by. — Red Five standing by.”
―Red Squadron at the Battle of Yavin