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Roberts Space Industries

Roughneck / RNCO

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We are here to make money and aren’t afraid to get a little dirty.


Roughneck Corp est.2950-11-20. We started as a few friends operating a small mining operation around Crusader in the Stanton system.


Our intention of this org is to make money and aquire assets for the org to preform our task with higher efficency.After that is stockpile resources as well as currency.Thats is the top most important things for goals
Org operations will scale with the size of the org as well so depending if we can fill seats of our ships will dictate the size of our ops as well. We want to build a communicty of like minded people who goals align with our own.


All members will follow these rules or be removed from the cooperation after review of the board.
1. You will show respect to all members in the organization
2. No racists or homophobic comments
3. Tampering with Org ops or missions of any sort will result in immediate removal from the cooperation
4. The board will review you postion in the cooperation if you have been inactive for a extended time and will decied the outcome of said reivew
5. Rank around here means something as well gives you certain perks in the cooperation