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Roberts Space Industries

Obumbrate / RRJDS

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    Bounty Hunting
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Obumbrate : The Shadows
RRJDS” Revenge, Retribution, & Judicial Distribution Services

Obumbrate is a Sub-Division of Gymnitai

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*The RRJDS Division was created out of the need for the handling of more “Delicate” issues that the main organizational leaders wished not to be associated with.
Many of these Removal and Deletion Sentinals also hold public positions in the Main Organization under the Security Division.

Historically, entry into this Operations Division is only via direct invitation and only after proven loyalty and reliability in the main organizations’ operational areas.*

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*The RRJDS Division is delegated with the Removal of Designated Problematic Targets, Organizational Security, and other Shadow Division required Duties.
Many RRJDS Division members at times act as Freelance Operatives as well, with in the Shadowy world of the unseen.*
OR, as direct Escort and Bounty retrieval operatives for the Gymnitai organization.
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*Honorem in Silentium : “Honor in Silence”
To do what is needed, when ordered, as required and remaining silent of all that has, was, or will be done.
Umbrae Mortis
Shadows of Death

1) All members are to hold a commitment to each other as a fellowship, “trust and word bond are paramount”.

2) Members are expected to put in a personal effort to excel. “We have no micromanagement nannies here”.

3) The Organization as a whole; is expected to provide the training and knowledge required to each member so that they can be a productive and interactive team member. “The member must put in the effort to acquire said items”.

4) As a Gymnitai member; you vow to honor all contracts accepted and to hold a dedication to complete any mission, objective, or contract agreed upon.

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