Roberts Space Industries

Safeguard Security Mobile / SAFEGUARD

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  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Security
  • Transport

Safeguard Security Mobile because life isn’t stationary. Whether it be a safe transportation you need or simply protecting your high value resources from piracy we have what you need. Our highly trained, dedicated staff will manage your safety and security so you can sit back and enjoy the profits.


Founded by individuals who have a strong moral and ethical code. Safeguard was created for those who have a strong belief in doing the right thing and whom strive to be virtuous. We understand doing the right thing is not always the easiest choice however the choices you make in life mold your character. Do not perceive this mentality as a weakness because it is just the opposite. We need individuals who are not only physically strong but mentally strong as well.
We strive to create a council that is not bound by government, politics, or the many corporate powers of the universe. We stand for humanity and the well-being of all living entities. Striving to acquire knowledge and wisdom to pass to the next. With wars raging, blood spilling, and crimes ramped we strive to achieve peace. For those stubborn in their greed, hatred, and ignorance we shall do what we must to stop them any means necessary to deny them the opportunity to harm others.



This organization is a disciplined Para-military group of individuals not like the military where orders are followed blindly, but one that prides itself in communication and humbling its members. However during a serious incident, mission, and any other urgent matter trust within the ranking system must be upheld and orders must be followed. In the situation where orders were not followed a trial will be issued and possible removal.

Members should be open to constructive criticism, however blatant disrespect will not be tolerated.

Mature, Serious individuals are preferred.

We are looking for every type of individual in every line of work that in law abiding or does not cause harm to individuals who don’t have it coming. We are not the wolf, We are not the sheep, we are Shepherds sent to kill the wolf and protect the sheep.