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Star Citizen for Cool People / SCFCP

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We are a laid back chill organization that’s all about hanging out, being cool, and enjoying Star Citizen. We’re a friendly group of all ages that’s very relaxed.

For now, head to our organization spectrum forum and follow the instructions, or join our Discord at:


We are a Digital Combat Simulator affiliated group of similar name (DCS for Cool People). As of yet, we’ve not made any history in Star Citizen. That’s for YOU to determine.


We are here to hang, have fun, get to know other like minded people, and play Star Citizen. If things go well, we may coordinate weekly or daily events, and other larger activities.


We aren’t a strict group, but we do have some rules, but just the basic ones.

1 – Just be respectful, don’t be a dick and respect people’s boundaries. Everyone has a different sense of humor and responds differently to situations.
2 – Don’t be racist, homophobic, sexist, or any other forms of discrimination. This will be an instant ban. If you and a friend are playing and making jokes, as long as your both having a laugh its fine, but if you purposely discriminate from someone based on something they cant control, this is not the group for you.
3 – Have a sense of humor. This isn’t a MILSIM group, so don’t expect mandatory ops, ranks, nor having to request to speak. We have fun here. If you’re going to treat it too serious and ruin the fun for others then you can join a stricter server.
4 – Please reach out to admins if members are being inappropriate so it can be handled.
5 – Don’t spam chat channels.
6 – No NSFW content