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Roberts Space Industries

Sky Company / SKYC

  • Corporation
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Security
  • Freelancing

Welcome to Sky Company! We are space and aerospace enthusiasts, gaming nerds, and internet spaceship professionals. Sky Company plans to be one of the first organizations in Star Citizen to be a true “public” company distributing ownership to it’s membership with equal opportunity for all players.


Originally an armed recon force operating in deep space, Sky Company has been a critical part of the UEE’s Advanced Exploration Force (or AEF) for over two hundred years. Early in their history, Sky Company came into conflict with questionable UEE commands that challenged proper judgment. Especially Messer-era mandates that applied an iron fist in more delicate situations. This eventually lead to Sky Company breaking off from the UEE to form an independent mercenary unit. Used for scouting, reconnaissance and possibly active combat, the resulting battalion kept itself largely isolated from interactions with outsiders.


Sky Company is a corporate entity with an executive board that rules over his domain armed with a well-equipped, fanatical military and an ever-pervasive, all-seeing civilian bureaucracy. Two cooperating intelligence agencies, the Military (SCMS) and the Freelancer’s Guild (FG) keep watch against any potential threat from ambitious rivals, and openly hostile entities like the Vanduul. The physical protection for executive board members fall to their own personal cohort, who are recruited from the military, not the intelligence services.

The idée fixe of Sky Company is the building up of existing infrastructure and conquest. Sky Company maintains and employs a large, skilled military, the Sky Company Mustered Soldiery (SCMS), that has often been used to expand the realm at the expense of its neighbors.


Code of Ethics
Ethics & Standards

Sky Company is defined by its Code of Ethics. This is who we are and who we wish to be. These guidelines and rules are critical for the organization as we hold ourselves highest standards (and still focus on fun). If you cannot commit to these expectations, Sky Company is likely not the best fit for you.

A| No Cheating
No Sky Company member will use or test cheats. No member will associate with known cheaters while representing the organization.

B| Alliances
Sky Company has friends and affiliates with specific negotiated relationships. Please suggest potential relationships and partnerships to our diplomatic corps.

C| Structure
Sky Company uses a traditional corporate hierarchy in the organization of teams and the relay of objectives to achieve success.

D| Participation
All events and activities will be held in the Sky Company Guilded instance within the assigned channels. Participation will be review periodically to maintain active good faith status.

E| Real Life Schedules & Availability
Sky Company understands and supports the idea that real life comes first, full stop. Sky Company will never put any member into a decision between real life and gaming. We can have fun and be successful without taking things too seriously.

F| Promotions, Awards, and Positions
Commendations will be granted based on the following metrics:
- Conduct
- Teamwork
- Initiative
- Attendance
- Performance

Leadership roles will be granted on the following concepts:
- Teamwork
- Dedication
- Organizing talents

G| Conduct
- Fun is first. Good sportsmanship and a genuine, enjoyable approach to gameplay is preferred at all times and in all situations!
- Sky Company members will respect each other regardless of their age, gender, nationality, race, religious beliefs/creed, disability, or sexual orientation.
- These values must also be applied to all other players you interact with, in and out of the organization.
- No smack-talk. Ever. If you have something to say or a point to make? Make it with gameplay and not words.
- Adult or offensive nature content will not be tolerated, whether on voice or text communications.
- Sky Company members will NOT issue religious or political statements or respond to such statements.
- Sky Company members will be reflect on the organization as a whole. Be a positive influence!