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Never Knowingly Under-manned


Sky Corps History


The Sky Corps was founded in 2123 shorty after Humans colonised Mars. It was here, on Mars, where they were trained and deployed as a local defence force for the new found colonists, due to the lack of law and order in the colony. They were made up of men and women from units that were being phased out or could server no useful purpose, they numbered only 64 Officers and Soldiers ranging from the ages of 21 upwards into the late fifties. They were not to just establish themselves as the main military force on Mars, but also empowered to act as Guardians, Lawmen and Escorts for the colonists; this would be their role for the foreseeable future.


When the 2125 Mars tragedy struck, Sky Corps were able to escape with a handful of colonists, but sadly it has always been reported that the escape efforts failed and all 4876 colonists lost their lives. Sky Corps did manage to save a handful of lucky colonists and they made their way back to Earth. Sky Corps remained, stationed back on Earth where they had their numbers reduced, and there was a real risk of the unit being disbanded. At this point the Corps was only 42 strong.

Reaching Out

I wasn’t until 2290, when Humans left for the stars again, did the Sky Corps get a chance to serve Earth. As the security detail sent as part of the expedition that would chart and discover the Nul System, they were to serve as little more than glorified security. however this was a role they performed so well, it became a primary task for the unit and the small band was split into 2 sections, the 7th Sky Corps and the 9th Security Corps. The 7th Sky Corps was tasked with the more dangerous function and the 9th Security Corps would continue with duties concerning protection and policing. This split in the until left the 7th Sky Corp undermanned and after a period of a few years and many successful missions, the Sky Corps was back to strength and ready to face the new challenges that awaited them.

The Banu

In 2438, when Humanity made first contact with the Banu, it was an 8 person section from the 7th Sky Corps that was tasked to escort General Neal Socolovich and delegates to the negotiations. The Sky Corps was getting a reputation as a trust worthy and well organised unit, and when humanity started to leave Earth for the stars, the corps was ready to assist the larger migrations with protection and escort, this also meant increased recruiting and deployments for both the 7th Sky and 9th Security Corps.

Prime Time

Around 2516 when Planet 342A.03M was discovered and the new forward operating base established, the UNE charged the 7th Sky Corps with its military defence and of course the 9th Security Corps with its policing. Prime was soon established and both units performed their duties to the highest standard, this placed the 7th Sky Corps as one of the main defence forces for the UNE. By this time the 7th and 9th were 1242 and 923 persons strong, respectively. Soon after the UPE was founded, and the 7th Sky Corps came under the jurisdiction of the High-Secretary. Where the 9th Security Corps was placed in control of the High-Advocate. This marked the end of the original Sky Corps as both units would never be deployed together again. The 9th Security Corps remain to this day the providers of law and order.

The Cold War

2530 arrived and during routine patrols and operations Humanity comes into contact with the XI’An Empire. This is where the 7th Sky Corps shone, as they took part in secret operations led by High-General Volder to destabilise Xi’An control, but cold war started between Humanity and the Xi’An. The 7th then started to operate small covert operations and intelligence gathering under Volders command. About 400 troops were then deployed in 2533 to the newly discovered Idris System, with the Xi’An being a real threat, the UPE did not want to take any chances and deployed the 7th Sky Corps to Idris IV. This turned out to have been a fortuitous plan when the First Tevarin War broke out in 2541. The Tevarin were ruthless and struck out at humanity. Luckly the 7th Sky Corps played a crucial role in the battles ahead and assisted in Colonel Ivar Messers cunning plans on the Battle of Idris IV in 2544. The 7th Sky Corp was crucial to the victory that followed and the downfall of the Tevarin and in 2546 the UEE was formed and Messer self appoints himself Imperator.

Olympus has Fallen

Things would remain quiet for the unit until 2571 when 674, of the now 1842 strong, 7th Sky Corps were lost in the loss of the UEES Olympus.


It took sometime the the Corps to recover from the loss of Olympus, but in 2582 the UEE deployed the Sky Corps as part of the defence makeup during the discovery of Nyx. This was short lived as the majority of the unit were recalled back into action when the Second Tevarin War started. A new Warlord Corath’Thal and attacks, however, so desperate is the Tevarins need to win they fail to achieve their goal, in no small part of the covert and overt attacks carried out by the 7th Sky Corps.

The Swarm

2681 arrives and a new foe emerges from the darkness of space. The Vanduul. This race stared raiding human settlements and colonies, the 7th Sky Corps did what they could but were nothing more than a reactionary force. With this and the simple fact the the cold wart with the Xi’An is heating up the entire UEEs forces are stretched thin.


Bolo got attacked on 2758 and a small contingent from the Sky Corps was deployed to assist. However this marked a dark time in Sky Corps history when 14 of the 16 personnel lost their lives.

It wasn’t until 2788 that the corps would get a chance to breath a sign of relief and fully take stock of the last years, when the Kray/Akari Treaty was signed and he threat from the Xi’An minimised.


The unit was disbanded by the UEE shortly after 2794, but so strong is the bond among the men and officers of the 7th Sky Corps they formed the unit as a PMC, and this is how life carries on for each member of the Sky Corps as it has from these many centuries, a proud and expert unit of men and women dedicated to the defence of humanity.


The 7th Sky Corps manifesto will follow soon.


The 7th Sky Corps Charter

  • We are here to protect those who request our assistance.
  • Those under our protection will never knowingly be mislead or mistreated
  • We will undertake any mission of security, protection or assistance
  • No job is too small
  • Our assistance is not free

The Oath

I promise that I will uphold the honour and integrity of the 7th Sky Corps and that I will execute my duties under the purview of my mission and maintain my honourable standing with the Corps and its members. I swear allegiance to those whom we serve and will faithfully carry out those duties to the best of my abilities. No request that is deemed as dis-honourable will be carried out by myself or the Corps. This I swear.