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As Odin’s eight legged horse we will seek to control the very foundation of the gods.
We will have a leg in all matters and stretch far and wide
as we seek to control everything from commerce to personal protection.
We are eight legs, but one horse!

Join and help build it now!


For more than 2200 years Sleipner, Odin’s eight legged horse, has roamed the realms of the gods, man and the dead. In the same way Sleipner Corp seeks to travel between all realms. We were one of the first corporations to go to the far reaches of space after the invention of the quantum drive. This has given us a unique position in the universe as we became first movers in many interstellar trades.

About to pledge? Use this code for an extra 5.000 UEC starting capital: STAR-TK7X-NQVP


Sleipner Corp seeks to house a diversified portfolio of disciplines, which means all occupations are needed.

We will work together to build a respectable company, that will profit all members of the organisation. The different occupations will work closely together in order to refine produce and create valuable commodities.

Team work is essential in Sleipner Corp, we will build the company and we will be the company. There is no need for employee of the months since all members are equally important, whether you put in 70 hours a day or only 3, we may be eight legs running at different paces, but we are one horse!

At Sleipner Corp the customer is center of our attention and we will always respect them and each other. Illegal activities are strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. If a member of Sleipner Corp is in any kind of distress other members will always seek to help, and if attacked, retaliation will be dealt swiftly and ten fold – The hammer of Thor will rumble!

End of lore :P

I am looking for people to join Sleipner Corp, both newbies and oldies are welcome to join. I would like to create a fun (and cool) community where team work is a big part of playing. A place where everybody helps each other in order to progress in the game. Our goal is to be as influential to the game as possible, without sacrificing our real lives (been there, done that, damn you WoW :P )

Personally i am a newbie to the game and i’m looking forward to meeting people from around the globe – or should i say universe?

At the moment we are seeking all types.


1. Don’t be evil (Looking at you Google)
2. Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork
3. Be fun, have fun
4. Answer distress calls from member of the organisation
5. If attacked deal swift retaliatory action – preferably ten fold