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Roberts Space Industries

Task Force 15 / SQD15

  • PMC
  • Casual
  • Freelancing
  • Bounty Hunting
    Bounty Hunting


Task Force 15 is the greatest organization. Why? Because it says so right here.

We say we’re a Force to be reckoned with, therefore it must be true.

Grab your favorite beverage and hang out on teamspeak. Or don’t, your call — you probably live in a free country.


02 DEC 2020 – Task Force 15 was founded by Austone, Meraxe, and Gunny.

03/04 DEC 2020 – Austone conducted a qualitative evaluation of the caterpillar freighter and brought in a bunch of capital.

05 DEC 2020 – Task Force 15 attempted a ‘high value’ cargo run to pirate controlled territory. It was partially ineffective and a net loss. After delivering the first 50% of the cargo, the squadron was ambushed by pirates carrying EMP weapons and a Quantum Drive disabler. – Austone callsign ‘Anthem’ hauled the high value cargo and on his second run-in was forced to eject after breaking the pirate blockade. – Meraxe callsign ‘Strongarm’ provided direct escort and was forced to eject after his jump drive was disabled – Gunny callsign ‘Shadow’ provided reconnaissance and was forced to eject after being disabled by an EMP weapon.


Intentions: Kill them before they kill you. Style points for unique or unconventional tactics.

Motives: Making credits to buy new ships and upgrade them. Exploring the ‘verse and destroying the targets who show up red on the radar.

Views: Yes.



1) Don’t be a dumpster fire.

2) Don’t be a Negative Nancy.