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Sidereum Supremus Ordo Militaris / SSOM

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We fly to protect those in need, to show the way to those who went lost, we fight for those who are afraid of darkness and emptiness of space. We are the justice which universe seek. We are the shield against all that is evil.


SSOM history start from its first Great Master Dominik the Brave …. who founded order in 2789 . Order from the beginning was focused on helping the ones in need . It provided aid for helpless … protected the transport convoys , and supported many war operations all in glory for humankind …. SSOM was powerful force that every one recognized. But after time people turn their back on faith , and for the order dark times have started . Once mighty now torn apart by fear for it ‘s future ….. there was no glory no fire in hearts of it s members ….. they started to leave ranks of SSOM …. but flame that was ignite nearly 300 years ago was not extinguished entirely . There were people who believed that Order can be saved …. they swore to do anything in their power to not let it fell and to continue it ‘s tradition of helping those in need .


“Our dream is to Create a crew of ppl that will fly as friends , that can trust each other , that will be proud of the ship which they are serving on , the ppl who will do their job good but at the same time will have fun”

The point of SSOM is to gather ppl that want to fly on Capital Ships. The good point about joining us is fact that you are not obligated to leave any organization. We are flying mainly as contractors for any one who need our help. Currently we have two Capital Ships that need crew ( Idris/Polaris) , but we are just starting to grow. We also have a elite fighter squadron that will station on Idris. Our main objective is protection and escort , but we also support deep space operations like exploration and colonization of frontier . As a Military Order we try to be self sustainable so UEC is our best friend . Ships of that size will need insane amount of fuel and other vital resources to be fully operative and running , so there will be rules how to use them correctly. Even tho we are non obligated structure there will be code what is allowed and what is prohibited.

Currently we are looking for anyone who want to join. We have prepared different kind of roles that you can aim for to fill our ranks.

For more questions join us on our discord or watch us on our twich


Decalogue Of SSOM
1. We do not attack first. Our oath is to protect not to destroy yet when threaten We will fight back
2. We are brothers and sisters of one order , respect among us is our greatest value. There are enemies everywhere but not among us
3. We serve thous who needs protection in emptiness of space
4. We despise piracy and all activities that it generate
5. We prize faithful to our cause and banish traitors
6. We are guided by light of Arch Inquisitor
7. We walk thru our path with devotion and passion spreading freedom and hope in Universe
8. We provide humanitarian aid where its needed the most
9. Honor and good name of SSOM is our life
10. There is no shame in mistakes as long as they dont violate rules above