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Welcome to the official page of the Tankard Alliance. Feel free to look around, and go inquire with our outreach officer if you want in.

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The Tankard Alliance’s story started with one man, one vision, and perhaps unsurprisingly, a history of alcoholism. Y’see, when Kings started out he had a lot of drinking buddies but not a lot of crew mates. One day he says to himself, why don’t I make my drinking buddies the crew? What could go wrong, right?

Anyways, that’s a story for another time. The point is, it all worked out in the end. There was adventure, profit, and most importantly, no one even died. [No one important, anyways.] We thought we would commemorate this joining of two great passions with the creation of the Tankard Alliance, a place where people of all kinds can work together for mutual goals. Alcoholism not required, but definitely not discouraged.


The main purpose of the Tankard Alliance is to create a network of individuals across the Verse that all have something in common. Think of it as an association for people who don’t have time for board meetings, or whatever those military types have. You need a third for that hit? Tankard. Need some protection? Tankard. Creds burning a hole in your account and nobody to drink with? Absolutely Tankard. In return, every member gets the name out there. Eventually, Tankard is going to be a household name. Or at least, a barroom one.

Of course, getting an org like Tankard to that point without being wiped out by some self-righteous band of vigilante do-gooders will take some restraint. Sure, crime is fun. Of course it is, it’s goddamn crime. There are some crimes that we don’t want to be known for, though. Tankard thrives in a grey area. Liberating some material goods from their super-rich owners — not a big deal. They probably even deserved it. Going out and slaughtering entire crews of people who are getting paid the minimum rate just to be there — not a good look. So we’ll just say this now. One whiff of criminal activity that goes beyond the grey area, and you’re out. Disavowed. You can sort that mess out yourself. Tankard is here to support as many people as possible in getting out of their boring lives and doing something interesting for once. We aren’t here to help feed your addiction for mass capital crimes.


As members of the Tankard Alliance, we so swear:

  • To never back down from a challenge
  • To always be up for another round
  • To always carry the biggest gun possible
  • To never pass up an opportunity for adventure or profit
  • To always stick by the org, and our fellow members
  • To always show at least a bit of honour in our conduct

May we always keep these resolutions, on pain of spacing should we fail.