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Roberts Space Industries

TzahiCraft Inc. / TCINC

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Resources
  • Smuggling

We specialize “only” in resource extraction in multiple regions. Newer players will be made recruits, TC veterans will be Master, Experts, and Veterans.


Three years of TzahiCraft. A powerhouse emerges, TzahiCraft Incorporated (TCINC, pronounce tee-sink), to monopolize the resource extraction industry. But it is all they do? What other ordeals are TCINC involved with? Apply for recruitment to find out!


TCINC specializes in resource extraction, resource transportation, and secret undercover deals with the most notorious criminals. TCINC is very protected (AKA LOTS of guns) within its facilities, as well as its transportation. We are open to the newest of players, as well as the most trained fighters. Cargo ships are needed, as it is our industry. Yes, there will be fights, but TCINC will the the most diligent fighter of them all, controlling a billion dollar industry with its power. We are strong. TCINC strong.


Aggression should only be reciprocated, never started. We extract resource, we don’t fight wars. Our trade secrets must be kept secret. Allowing this information to slip through is detrimental to our organization. Protect the cargo ships with your life, it is why you are here. Protect and control the rigs at all costs. Only authorized ships are to be in the perimeter of the rig, all ships, violent or not, must respond to our communications or deadly forces are allowed. You are to follow the orders of your superior. There will be voting, as we believe in a democracy, though there will be no team-killing or hurting of those in power. Any violation of these rules will be met with consequences, as expected. And most of all, have fun in your adventures. We are strong. TCINC strong.