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The Free Navy / TFNAVY

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The Free Navy is a Star Citizen Organization inspired by the Belter faction of the TV Show the Expanse. We believe in doing everything the game offers but with a focus on combat. We are hardcore when its needed, and silly and fun when its not. We assign everyone to a small fixed roster of 12 players


The Free Navy founding was driven by two main reasons. First, we wanted to create an environment where every person was assigned to a small fixed roster of players while still remaining part of a larger Fleet. Second, we wanted to offer a place where everyone, regardless of their initial skill, would be personally trained in all the main professions within the Verse so that they may experience the full potential of this game without being forced to a single job or role. Third, wanted to promote both silly/casual gameplay as well as hardcore structured and complex multi-player operations.

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The Free Navy is a gaming Organization dedicated to Star Citizen that is inspired by the Belter faction from the TV Show The Expanse.

Our mission is to provide a small-group feel while at the same time allowing for future expansion to leverage the resources of a large group. We do this by having a very scalable organizational structure that starts with a Group of 4 players as the basic sub-unit, and a group of 8-12 players as the first level Unit. This structure then scales to large groups of 200+ players in a fleet of ships.

The Unit is made of a fixed roster of active players that play Star Citizen on a regular basis with each other in a group. The first level Unit is a Squadron of single or two-person ships, a Company of Marines or the Crew of a Large Ship. The members of the Unit are proficient in the 3 main aspects of the game (First Person Shooting, Flying and Multi-Crew operations) and change their role and ships based on how many people from the Unit are online at any given time, what ships are available and what the group’s task is for that day.

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The Free Navy Mission Statement

1. This is a game, not a job. To offer first and foremost an environment full if silliness and laughter (casual gameplay as Rockhoppers or outside of formal operations). Having said that, we shall offer also a fully structured and serious environment through Navy Operations and Training.

2. To assign each member to a Crew/Unit of 12 to call home, but establish an organizational structure that allows for growth. Each Task Unit of 12 will be part of larger Task Groups, Task Forces and Fleets. These Navy units will have fixed rosters but be flexible in their mission. One day a Fighter Squadron doing combat patrols, the next day a flotilla of mining and cargo ships engaged in industrial ops.

3. To continuously train our members to achieve success in the game and reward and recognize skill, knowledge, leadership, character, sillyness and contribution to the Org.

4. To offer a multi-role gaming environment where members are trained in and participate in all main aspects of Star Citizen gameplay with a particular emphasis in combat. Piloting, FPS, capital ship crew stations, mining, trading. We shall enjoy everything the game has to offer and not force people to a single job or role.

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