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Welcome to the Official page of The Mile High Club.

A Premier Club for The Star Citizen Community’s RSI Concierge Backers.

THEMHCLUBTMHC & MMHC are two separate entities with different eligibility conditions and requirements.

“Uniting The 1% of The Community!”
(Est. 2949.)


The Mile High Club – THEMHCLUB (Est. 2949), also known in short as “TMHC”.

What does it take to become special? The answer is simple yet complicated, it takes commitment.
- Our Founder, Lt. Commander Garjan.

The Mile High Club was founded with the intention of being a Premier Club for the one percent (1%) of The Star Citizen Community comprising of RSI Concierge Backers.
TMHC operated as a separate entity from the MMHC and defined it’s own eligibility criteria in the spring of 2949, moreover since the very first day of it’s operations TMHC has always looked up to the MMHC as it’s elder sibling.

Our Origin,
Established in 2949 by Lt. Commander Garjan, TMHC aimed to go beyond exclusivity.
Our Founder believed that the efforts of special individuals must always be identified and appreciated, thus since the very beginning of TMHC’s operations we’ve held standards of the highest order when it came to the fundamentals of our Club.
The Club was relatively small in size due to it seeking a niche audience and offering it’s Members with vivid Privileges.
There was no clear cut way of joining TMHC, you must have had to exhibit exceptional qualities to have been considered worthy of our Honorary Titles. TMHC’s original Members were personally invited to The Club by our founder Lt. Commander Garjan in the Summer of 2949.
Originally located at an undisclosed location on Earth, TMHC aimed to provide it’s Members with a virtual space of freedom and luxury that cannot be bought or traded but could only be earned.
Our standards were as high as was our commitment in ensuring the best possible future for our Members who went the extra mile to make Star Citizen that much more special.

Our Original Charter,
“I Lt. Commander Garjan, the Founder of The Mile High Club pledge my honesty and commitment in providing a Premier and Transparent Membership to The Star Citizen Community’s RSI Concierge Backers on this day of August 28th, 2949 in the presence of The UEE’s top Officials and The President of the UEE Advocacy.
As an Ex-Military (UEE Navy Retried) JTF Agent (UEE Advocacy), I Garjan take an oath as The Director of The Mile High Club “TMHC” – THEMHCLUB and pledge my absolute loyalty to The Club and to all of it’s Members in developing The Club’s Infrastructure to the best of my ability.”
- Recorded in the UEE’s Imperial Court of Law in the presence of all invited Diplomats and Officials of the UEE.

TMHC had planned to release it’s own Premier mobile and desktop based application, The Club also provided it’s Members with access to it’s Official Discord server which aimed to act as a secondary hub of communications.
The original Flagship spaceship of The Mile High Club “TMHC” – THEMHCLUB at the time of it’s formation was Lt. Commander Garjan’s personal Origin JumpWorks 890 Jump.

The Mile High Club “TMHC” – THEMHCLUB listed it’s Official medical partner as The MEDICorp Group in the fall of 2949.
Further, TMHC appointed Wing Commander dhanan “TMHC – Alexandrite” as it’s Official representative to the board of The MCG on September the 7th, 2949.

The Club’s legacy ranking system was laid out in the following manner :-

Core Roles with their equivalent job types,
Founder & Chairman – Reserved for The Club’s Founder Lt. Commander Garjan
Registrar – The General Manager of The Club
Administrator – The Officer in-charge of The Club
Prospector – The Official Scout of The Club.

Core Titles with their RSI Chairman’s Club equivalent Ranks,
Tier 5 | TMHC – Tanzanite “RSI Legatus Navium”
Tier 4 | TMHC – Alexandrite “RSI Wing Commander”
Tier 3 | TMHC – Benitoite “RSI Space Marshal”
Tier 2 | TMHC – Painite “RSI Grand Admiral”
Tier 1 | TMHC – Taaffeite “RSI High Admiral”
Tier 0 | TMHC – Prospect “Potential Member/Member undergoing selection/Fan of The Club”.

The Title of “TMHC – Tanzanite” was also to be held by The Club’s Director throughout the term of his/her Appointment.
The Mile High Club offered it’s fans and potential Members with it’s basic “TMHC – Prospect” Title, this Title was also to be held by The Club’s Members undergoing selection.

TMHC achieved it’s first 25th Member Milestone achievement on September the 7th, 2949.

NOTE :- The Mile High Club “TMHC” – THEMHCLUB and the Million Mile High Club – MMHC were created as 2 separate entities, the eligibility and exclusivity criteria for both Clubs varied significantly. The Million Mile High Club – MMHC was reserved specifically for CIG and the original Backers of the original Kickstarter who had pledged through the original Wing Commander and Completionist Packages while The Mile High Club “TMHC” – THEMHCLUB was reserved as a Premier Club for The Star Citizen Community’s RSI Concierge Backers. TMHC was created at a later date following the creation of the MMHC. The Million Mile High Club – MMHC was headed by Admiral HartsWoe-CIG as it’s acting Director whereas The Mile High Club “TMHC” – THEMHCLUB was headed by Chairman Lt. Commander Garjan as it’s acting Director. The Club has long been abbreviated in short as “TMHC” and has long maintained the Spectrum Identification Handle of “THEMHCLUB” exclusively.

LEGAL :- The Mile High Club “TMHC” – THEMHCLUB legally owned it’s logo, icon, physical merchandise and letterhead stamps. Any misuse of The Club’s branding materials would carry the appropriate consequences.
TMHC operated within the Terms and Conditions of Cloud Imperium Games and only used CIG’s in-game and marketing images to promote Star Citizen and related content to a wider audience.

We Thank you for taking the time in visiting our page and going through all of our provided information. Please contact us directly on Spectrum for any Business inquires or Information.

The Office of The Registrar,
The Mile High Club “TMHC” – THEMHCLUB.


The Mile High Club – THEMHCLUB (Est. 2949), also known in short as “TMHC”.

TMHC is a Premier Club for The Star Citizen Community’s Concierge Backers, we at TMHC aim to unite the one percent (1%) of The Star Citizen Community into an unbreakable Family of Citizens.
The Club’s primary objective is to recognize and appreciate the efforts of those Citizens who chose to go the extra mile for the project. TMHC awards it’s Members with Honorary Titles and privileges as an ultimate token of appreciation for their efforts in making Star Citizen as special as it is today.
While The Mile High Club “TMHC” – THEMHCLUB does not have any Official ties with the Million Mile High Club – MMHC, we certainly would like to partner with them in the future and facilitate their Members with our services and privileges.

The Mile High Club is Officially partnered with The MEDICorp Group [MCG].
TMHC further maintains good relations with The Joint Task Force – UEE Advocacy [JTF] and The Armada Lusitana [ALPT].

Our views towards the Backers of Star Citizen are overly positive and we feel that it is our fundamental duty to recognize the few who have contributed on an exceptional level. Due to this we reserve the highest standards when it comes to delivering services to our Members as we believe quality over quantity is key to becoming The Club we intend to be.

TMHC further aims to launch it’s own mobile and desktop based application in the coming future.

Please contact The Club’s Prospecting Team via an application for any potential Membership related information or queries, you should expect a response through a P.M on Spectrum within 72 working hours.

The Office of The Administrator,
The Mile High Club “TMHC” – THEMHCLUB.


The Mile High Club – THEMHCLUB (Est. 2949), also known in short as “TMHC”.

We at TMHC have long maintained the highest standards when it comes to providing services to our Members. Defining our eligibility criteria for The Club’s Prospects is key for our operations as a Premier Club, we aim to go beyond exclusivity and deliver the best possible experience for our Members.
Due to this we at TMHC follows a tailor made selection process to help facilitate our Prospecting Team in approaching the desired Citizens on a personal and individual level, we believe that even our potential Members joining process should be that much more special.

Please find our eligibility conditions listed below,

Selection Condition TIER 1 – The Applicant must be 18 years old or over.
Selection Condition TIER 2 – The Applicant must be a RSI Concierge Backer.
Selection Condition TIER 3 – The Applicant must be active on Spectrum, this is required for our Prospector to get in touch with them personally and continue their application from there on.
Selection Condition TIER 4 – The Applicant must accept our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct before finalizing their application.
Selection Condition TIER 5 – The Applicant must inform us about their RSI Concierge Rank held at the time of their application process to be granted their Honorable Title before they are finally offered our Membership.

Upon successful selection, the applicant is granted Membership to TMHC and is further invited to The Club’s private Discord server.

Our standards are as high as our commitment in delivering the best possible experience to our Members, we go through each and every application on an individual level. Applicants can expect a follow up response from our Prospecting Team within 72 working hours on Spectrum, we handle all queries and Business inquiries exclusively on Spectrum.

We at TMHC Thank you for taking the time in going through our provided information and we wish you the very best of luck with your application to the Club.

The Office of The Prospector,
The Mile High Club “TMHC” – THEMHCLUB.