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The Recovery and Apprehension Coalition / THERACK

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We forgo all other ties and allegiances in order to serve all. If you need something, or someone, found and/or returned we’re the ones who get it done. We have only one rule;

The Warrant Is All.


The Recovery and Apprehension Coalition

The Beginning

As the ‘Verse became populated more and more systems became owned and operated by organizations of every sort. It quickly became apparent that the ‘Verse was becoming an unregulated place of commerce and political espionage. The R.A.C. — AKA “The Rack” — was begun by True in the days before the Great Expansion from the Alpha system. The dream was to not police the vastness of the ‘Verse but to establish a third party to all it’s conflicts, an equalizing force to the madness of the Dark.


The Recovery and Apprehension Coalition (R.A.C) — aka “The Rack” — is a fully independent organization that governs, disciplines, and licenses Agents across the ‘Verse. It has fingers in political pies throughout the ‘Verse, yet stands apart from them.

The Rack doesn’t choose sides and doesn’t play favorites. The organization runs on the same principle that it’s agents do.

The Warrant Is All


The Warrant Is All


  • Don’t hinder an Agent with an active Warrant
  • You are in no way required to help in an active Warrant
  • You may request the prudent Warrant and/or Agent ID# to verify with R.A.C. Head Quarters
  • Agents without a Warrant are acting alone and without sanction of the R.A.C.
  • Verifiable reports of Agent misconduct will be rewarded

Warrant Issuers:

  • Anyone can issue a Warrant
  • All Warrant Issuers shall remain anonymous
  • 50% of total Warrant value shall be levied upon the issuance of a Warrant
  • 50% of total Warrant value shall be levied upon the proof of Warrant Completion
  • If a Warrant is not accepted by an Agent, or proof of Completion is not presented by the time of the Warrant close any fees levied by the Issuer at time of Warrant issuance shall be returned to them in full
  • Issuers unable to pay Warrant fees shall receive an Open Warrant upon their company and person until twice the value in debt has been collected

R.A.C. Agents with sanctioned Warrants

  • Are expected to fulfill the Warrant they have accepted
  • Collateral Damage is not acceptable
  • Active obstacles to a Warrant are not Collateral Damage
  • Property damaged in the pursuit of a Warrant may be deducted from the final Reward received

Warrant Types

There are several types of warrants which range in difficulty, risk and limitations of scope. All factors of a warrant are decided by the Issuer.

Factors may include:

  • Time the Warrant must be completed by
  • Bonus for early completion paid directly to the Agent
  • Special requests in the act of the Warrant (Example: Don’t disturb business while body-guarding)
  • Etc.

All Warrants must include:

  • Total value of the Warrant
  • Warrant target(s)
  • Location(s) Warrant is to take place in and/or begin in

L-1: Reclamation — Retrieving lost/stolen goods

L-1 Warrants must possess a value no less then the goods reclaimed on the open market. The R.A.C. is within full rights to have items appraised before proof of Warrant Completion is rendered in order to evaluate if the value offered by the Issuer was fair. If the Warrant value is found lacking; documentation and the resulting adjusted Warrant value will be rendered to the Issuer and the goods held free of charge until proper fees can be tendered.

L-2: Transfer – The transportation of goods, property or living organisms from one place to another

R.A.C. Agents are often hired as disinterested third parties to move things from one place to another. These warrants are usually to, from or through hostile areas where standard freighting is not an ideal option. Typically a L-2 Warrant is either body-guarding or prisoner transport. Warrant must provide both starting and ending locations. The Issuer is liable for any and all legal fees incurred, IE: Customs and Tolls, and such fees will be rendered to the issuer upon Warrant Completion.

L-3: Live Warrants – Apprehensions; target must be brought back alive.

Just as it sounds, an L-3 Warrant is the apprehension of specific target and the deliverance of the subject to a specific location. An L-3 Warrant is per target, multiple targets must rendered as multiple L-3 Warrants.

L-4: Living or Dead (“L.O.D”) – Target is expendable, dangerous and likely to resist.

R.A.C. Agents are licensed to use lethal force at their discretion and only as necessary to complete the Warrant. Otherwise an L-4 is primarily the same as a L-3 except that the Issuer must present a citizen dossier for the target.

L-5: Death Warrants – Sanctioned assassinations. Also called “Kill Warrants”.

L-5 Warrants are the most expensive Warrants to commission and can not be revoked once issued by anyone other then the Issuer themselves. 100% of the total Warrant Value is due at the issuance of the Warrant. Any Agent accepting an L-5 Warrant does so to the exclusion of all other Agents and may not accept any further Warrants until the target ceases to function.