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Welcome to Timberwolf Company! We are happy to provide safety and security to your Organizations efforts across the galaxy! Our team of highly trained individuals can provide a welcome relief from harassment from all form of local pests. Never worry again when you operate with a pack of wolves!


We want to provide to you a real history of Timberwolf company. We are not just a star citizen organization. We are a community. When you join us you dont just join to play games, but to make memories. The real life Backstory of Timberwolf company is a long one. We come from a past of great friends and loving family. And many more friends have joined us over the years! Back in 2008 the organization first formed in a game Known as Star Wars Galaxies. Although small, we had fun, Made memories that are still being brought up to this day. We played any number of games. From WOW to Runescape to even Having LAN parties over multiple consoles together. Eventually growing to a guild of over 500 members. As Galaxies fell, the org shrunk in numbers as members moved on to start families and new careers, play new games and continue their lives. Today the Community is based off of discord, now reaching across the oceans to the whole world. Still making the memories and having the fun we always have to this very day. When you join us you join a pack. A pack full of crazy old fogies, all the way young skilled gamers. We host community events such as raffles, Drunken rage gaming nights, IRL adventures and much more!
Send us your application today to find out more. The more the Pack grows, the more we can do together! Soon we hope to start live streaming events, Putting out weekly youtube videos, and hosting a leaders podcast. If you are tired of organizations collapsing, or having long drawn out interpersonal drama. Then apply today and never have to search again!


We intend to provide members with not just a fun career in the stars. But with memories and great friends. We welcome people to apply, and strive to provide an organization built on good foundations.


Please Observe the following rules, and follow them respectfully across all platforms used by our community. All rules are enforced by our staff team, all infractions come with a warning. Any severe or recurring incidents result in bans.

Rule Board

1. Show respect to your fellow community members, absolutely no harassment, or bigotry will be tolerated.
2. All U.S and U.K laws on what is legal on and offline will be in effect on our server. Do not get caught posting Illegal photography or videos.
3. Usage of the EVERYONE ping is to be used only by staff members, or if you have a good reason such as an emergency.
4. If you wish to bring friends or otherwise into the community, Tell a staff member, so that they wont be questioned upon their entry, and if needed can go through a short screening process.
5. No advertising other communities publicly or via DM unless requested. If you want to advertise there will be a channel for such.
6. Check that a channel is NSFW before posting such content. We do have underage members, and those who do not wish to see such content.
7. Keep content where it is intended to be. Ex. Don’t have extended conversations in the screenshot channels.
8. If you do not see a channel you believe should be added, or have other suggestions. PM them to a Moderator.

And remember! Always D.A.C.K.A.A.D.A.C.K.A.A!