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The Peacekeepers of Altana / TPKA

  • Faith
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Security

Welcome to the Peace keeping division brother’s and sister’s of Altana. Our goal is to provide a safe, and secure society, we are the blade of Altana, tasked with the duty of creating purity in the most foul of men. Take care of your duties, and spread Altana’s word’s and wisdom.


Our history is timeless, we have always been, but never were. We are the whispering winds that shape the fate of all who deny those of freedom and peace. The family of Altana, are a simple but complex society, we are a unique set of individuals that identify as a single entity in the name of our true mother, the creator of all that has been blessed with life among the heavens. Our family has vanquished many a demons that have turned there eye’s on the innocent, and we are forever growing in size and sheer power. Join us today and help us guide the stars to a shining future.


Our esteemed leaders have summoned a conclave to put into writing the foundation of our Faith. Please come back soon to learn more about our community.


The commandment’s or statute’s are listed here for those of you who need them.

1) One will ALWAYS help those less fortunate, regardless of the current perdicament.
2) All of us are a single entity, and as such we will always communicate our thoughts,we will not betray, we will not gossip,to do so is punishable by exile and your death will be of the up most importance, we are a family, act like it.
3) We will always keep the peace even if we are severely overwhelmd, the universe will never change if the same path is always followed.
4)We are to constantly explore and advance our faith to those yet knowledgable of it.
5) The Heirarchy is here for a reason, do not abuse it….this is the final warning on this fact.
6) The single most important rule of all, to have fun and be fair, help each other, guide each other, everyone benefits.