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Tumbleweeds / TUMBLWEEDS

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Watching the solar winds blow through the ‘verse like a tumbleweed blows through the streets. You are not alone. We are many, but we are invisible…


We developed out of a group of Lone Wolves from Operation Pitchfork and hope to become a nice place for laid back travelers to get together and group together for common goals.

To become a hub for freelancers.

As a hub, we will be able to post contracts, find team members for larger non-solo contracts, and grant the solo players any buffs that large fleets would have.
We would also try to have a market with cheap goods.

However, the idea grew. After talking with several other people, we decided that there would be 2 parts to this.
One part would be the HUB, with full access to any freelancers. (Note, if there are any corp/fleet buffs, you will get them too)
The other part would be the ranking system, where you would pay a 1% tax but gradually gain benefits over time.
details of rank system in manifesto.

The HUB will be the centerpiece of the orginization. Everyone that is affiliated with this org will gain access to the basics. If the game mechanics allow us, the hub will be comprised of mainly two parts.
1. Contracts zone
2. Market

The contract postings are exactly what it sounds like. Here is where people post contracts that they make and/or find. Think of it as basically a player made database for contracts. Also, here is where you would find team members for larger contracts.

The market is also what it sounds like. In our vision, the market will always try to keep the price as low as possible in order to provide goods at a reasonable price to everyone. Here you will also be able to rent/purchase land (hopefully, if the game mechanics allows it) to set up a shop or trade zone.


Hello, there. Even though we are primarily a social organization, we do give benefits to our members.
There will be a 1% tax for those who opt into the benefits program. Please read the rest before you do anything else.

If the feature is possible, you will be able to choose in the rank program or not. If you opt out of the rank program, then you will not be charged tax.

As you do more and more contracts through this organization, you will gain access to higher ranks.

Rank 0 (Whipper Snapper): Requirements: None
Access to vaults and such: N/A Opted out of program or new to fleet.

Rank 1(Youngin): Required successful contracts 10 (Or 20 failed contracts) & 1 Month as member
Access to vaults and such: Limited access to fuel, ammo and bank

Rank 2(Middle Aged): Required successful contracts 50 (Or 100 failed contracts) & 1 Month as Rank 1
Access to vaults and such: Limited access to fuel, ammo and bank (3 times withdraw limit)
Limited access to Fleet Vault

Rank 3(Over The Hill): Required successful contracts 75 (Or 150 failed contracts) & 1 Month as Rank 2
Access to vaults and such: Full access to fuel, ammo and limited bank (3 times rank 2)
Marginal access to Fleet Vault

Rank 4(Old Fart): Required successful contracts 200 (or 400 failed contracts) & 1 Month as Rank 3
Access to vaults and such: Full access to fuel, ammo and limited bank (4 times rank 3)
Regular access to Fleet Vault

Rank 5(One Foot in the Grave): Requires at least 250 successful contracts finished and recommendation of Rank 5 & 1 Month as Rank 4
Full access fuel, and ammo vault.
Issued fleet credit line
Full access to Fleet Vault


The Elders and Dedicated are considered the officers of the organization with an Elder’s opinion having more weight and value in any vote. All members are considered equal and we seek to keep our organization a drama free zone! We’re open to all, but trouble makers will be kicked out of the organization. Anyone found to be abusing their membership benefits will have their membership under review by the Elders. Most other matters that need a decision will be made by all Elders and Dedicated with Elders having 2 votes and Dedicated having 1 vote.

General rules to go by:
1. I will not only drain from the fleet vaults.
2. I will attempt to assist any other member of the fleet requesting help (Only asked from ranked members.)
3. I will attempt to refrain from raiding other members (Only asked from ranked members)
4. I will not abuse the rank system (Only applies to ranked members)
5. I will notify other freelancers of the hub.