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Taco Smuggling Syndicate / TXEMPIRE

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Space: the final frontier, is even better with tacos.

We like tacos and want to provide them to the people!

No restictions or reservations. We accept all types Soft tacos, hard tacos, crunchy tacos, puffy tacos, and tostadas.

You want them! We got them!

Your hole is our goal. Let us fill you up!


Every taco holds a special place in history. Each one evolving the taco lineage to greatness.


Our purpose is to unite the world through the love of tacos. To create a healthy planet, active communities and an keep everyone full of goodness.


Stanton 2099 – Taco Charter

Project Name: Taco Acceptance
Project Manager: SlackTrooper
Last revision date: Stardate 6.22.2022
Project purpose statement: The purpose of this Syndicate is to increase awareness of tacos as a space food.
Project objectives: Assemble a crew that will give their lives to spread tacos across the galaxy.