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United Interstellar Republic / UIR

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UIR is an Organization that is striving to build a safer and better tomorrow throughout the ‘Verse. The UIR was formed from a fully functional society. We are rebuilding our ranks from our Republics demise many centuries ago.

Make a difference today!



Our story begins in the year of 2929, when we left our home world Earth in search of a safer and brighter future for our Colony. We had set a destination for the TOHIL system. The journey itself took two months due to Vanduul activity between the two systems. We lost 48 brave souls before arriving in the system. Once we arrived, each planet was surveyed and it was determined TOHIL lll would be our new home.

12 years later our Colony was mostly built up and running. It was a paradise, our paradise. We broke away from the UEE and decided to create our own laws and our own government. Our Colony had soon become known as the “United Interstellar Republic”. It wasn’t for another year until we came across another Mars Colony pursuing the same ideals and goals. They wanted us to join them and abide by their rules and in exchange they’d give us military tech.

After internal deliberations, our founders of the UIR decided to decline the offer. Before we had a chance to renegotiate, they had left. A week later one of their colony ships flew back to us and landed at our port without proper authorization. We quickly surrounded the ship and asked them to exit the ship. No response came. After cracking into the ship we found out pretty quickly why they weren’t responding, the sight was awful. Bodies were ripped and burned by laser fire, the whole crew was dead.

Investigations revealed that the ship had been set to auto-pilot to our city. Shortly thereafter, we had received a message from a Vanduul Fleet Commander, Gra-Torh Rouda, ordering UIR to vacate the system or suffer the same demise as the Mars Colonists. We fearlessly responded back and told them that we were not leaving.

We transported our civilians off planet to a safer location while the military stayed and waited. It was two days later when we first spotted the Vanduul Fleet entering our space. They came straight for us with everything they had. We answered in turn, throwing all assets into the conflict. The battle raged on for two weeks straight without showing any signs of stopping. Our numbers dwindled due to us being out-matched and out-gunned. Eventually it was too much, despite our best efforts, our once called home was now a pile of ash. With a last ditch effort we called for the UEE, hoping that they would help us…no help ever arrived. Our messages were met with repeated laughter. After a vast majority of our military was destroyed, a UEE carrier group arrived in the system. Despite their victory over our fleet, the Vanduul were in no position to go toe to toe with another fresh opponent. The quickly retreated out of the system while the UEE touted it as a “major victory” and claimed the system for the Empire.

As we regroup and rebuild our fleet, we aim to foray into a new system and build a new colony.

Only a few survived to rebuild.
Join us today.
Come with us to prosper.
United We Stand.


After the demise of our home world, our society has been rebuilding and growing our ranks. We are advancing each and everyday because of you. If you do not know who we are, we are a growing colony of survivors. We are made up of experienced men and women that risk their lives everyday to keep a better, safer tomorrow. Our enemies are powerful and we only wish to live and prosper in peace. There are many opportunities that are available for those who wish to join with us and fight for peace for our future. We look forward to meeting you soon!

See you in the ‘Verse!

By Official Release:

Our goals may change and adapt, At this time we do not have clear view on where Star Citizen is going and what’s going to be in it, but by the time the game is fully built we are hoping to be running our own society on our own home world, an independent state outside of UEE structured systems of law.


United Interstellar Republic Laws:

Must have a mic.
Must know how to speak English
Must not talk trash about other organizations
Must make this your main Organization
Must not shoot someone unless fired upon
Must not kill your fellow members
Must have fun and be fun

Rules will change over the course of the game being developed.

We are not a strict organization and try to keep the game as real and as fun as possible.