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The Final Frontier.
These are the voyages of the uNFamous Corp. It’s ongoing mission, to plot new routes across the stars, to always make a profit and to defend our assets by any means necessary.
To seek out new worlds and new civilizations. To boldly go where none have ever dreamed


2949 Captain and CEO J Sprint forms the uNFamous Corporation
2949 Captain and Exploration expert Krxllo is employed as company President
2949 A small fleet is purchased by uNFamous and thus a new Corporation is born
2949 Constellation Andromeda Our new Flag Ship makes her maiden voyage


uNFamous Corporations main drive is to make a profit, Currently, we carry this out via Exploration, Trade and Haulage.
However, we are currently gathering resources to branch out into the following areas
Large Haulage Vessels (medium haulage vessels arriving shortly)
Terra Forming
Large Crew Vessels (we currently have some multiple crew vessels in our inventory)
Deep Space Exploration and Charting
Mercenary and Escort
Bounty Hunting

Update: Our Flagship Constellation Andromeda is now Flight Ready Misc Prospector now available for mining operations


uNFamous Corporation’s prime directive
1) Explore the verse
2) Seek out new profit ventures in all forms
3) Be prepared to defend and acquire assets by force if necessary
4) The taking of life is not preferential, however, life happens and we have good lawyers but be prepared for a lot of paperwork
5) Fulfill every assigned mission except when the risk to life is too great
6) To Heir is Human, to forgive will get you sacked
7) Before a war is waged, one should know his enemy, there is no profit in defeat
8) Ships are loaned freely where available and your own is inadequate
9) When necessary always take an escort, if unsure, always take an escort