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The United Express Corporation* is an interstellar trade, cargo shipping, mining and space tourism company, founded in 2947, headquartered in New Babbage, microTech, Stanton system. UEX is also the creator of the Commodities Average Index (CAX)


The United Express Corporation began as a small freight volume company. It was founded by Zatec Prospekt, an RSI Aurora CL pilot who arrived in the Chronos system in 2947, looking for a Caterpillar pilot job.

Initially, Zatec worked directly for the UEE through a special bid of medical supplies and processed food transport between the UEE construction base at Synthworld and Archangel Station. Therefore, UEX Deliveries UE-LLC was born.

Seeing the huge demand for resources that the construction of Synthworld needed and the lack of service providers in that sector, Zatec decided to invest all his capital in the acquisition of the long-awaited Drake Caterpillar, the largest transport ship he could acquire. However, he did not have all the money to buy. It was then that Zatec received help from his co-worker, Metro2030, commander of the Nova Fronteira Organization, who worked with him at Stanton and helped him finance it. The Nova Fronteira, now a partner of UEX, has played a crucial role in the growth of UEX.

In 2950, ​​during a business trip in Paris, Earth, Zatec met Archibald Bob, owner of a large French space exploration company called Aclandia. His company was looking to expand its exploration and preservation operations for Synthworld and he was interested in the data that UEX offered through its Trade platform. Then, Zatec introduced UEX to Bob and the company’s new trade platform. Believing in UEX potential, Bob invested in the idea and thus established a lasting partnership that was crucial to transform UEX Deliveries UE-LLC into the corporation we know today.

Today, UEX is a privately held multi-stellar corporation, operating mainly in the areas of Commerce, Mining and Tourism. The corporate leadership headquarters is at Archangel Station in Synthworld and the operational offices in New Babbage and Area 18 on the Stanton system.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.