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Universal Exports strives to become a powerhouse among the trading and manufacturing companies in the galaxy today.


Founded in November 2944 (November 2014) as a one-man trading company in the Stanton system, Universal Exports is working to expand its operations.


  1. We want to become the most reliable transport company in the galaxy
  2. We want to recruit the best and brightest to work in our company, for the betterment of UNX and the UEE.
  3. We want to produce quality merchandise and sell it at reasonable prices.



Universal Exports aims to become a major mining, manufacturing and trading company, providing the galaxy with reasonably priced quality merchandise. We will do this through hard work and intelligent application of our workforce.

We will also, if and when the opportunity presents itself, strive to create and maintain working relationships with other companies and organizations.


To begin with, we will attempt to consolidate and expand our company within the Stanton system. Once that has been achieved, we will expand our operations to neighbouring systems.


Current members include:

  • Lyman Zane, CEO


  1. Expand company operations to include the entire Stanton System. This includes mining, manufacturing and trading as applicable.
  2. Recruit additional members.
  3. more forthcoming as we move closer to #1

Reporting Plan

We expect to issue company reports every quarter as applicable. This may be forgone if there is no progress to report.