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Via Caeli / VIACAELI

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Ad astra per aspera -


After a tour with Squadron 36, mostly doing cargo and supply runs, she became disenchanted with the leadership and policies of the UEE. Finding a derelict ship that she set up as a home, she began to roam the outskirts of UEE territory, smuggling and trading to keep her ship running. Eventually others of like mind gravitated towards her and a family of sorts were born.


“Rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond; call me what you will.” – Anon

We will survive.
We live on the outskirts of society, not because we must but because we can. This is our home. They call us nomads. Gypsies. Criminals. We can be all of these, or none if it pleases us. Let down by the government we were asked to bleed for, we have chosen another way. The stars are our home, and among them we will do more than survive.
We will live.


10 commandments

i. Keep the Caravan safe at all costs.
ii. Keep your head down.
iii. Do not bring trouble to the Caravan.
iv. Assist your family when trouble comes to them.
v. The Caravan sticks together.
vi. We are not pirates.
vii. Do not steal more than you need.
viii. Do not steal from your family.
ix. Keep flying.
x. Celebrate whenever you can.