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Vikings / VIKINGS

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‘‘Let another’s wounds be your warning…’‘ – Njal’s Saga


Since time immemorial, Vikings have searched for the famed magical Mead as told in the tale of Odin and his Journey. The search for this mystical drink led Vikings on a quest to every corner of Midgard. After all had been raided, the Vikings had no other choice but to conclude that the Mead was not within these lands. It became apparent that if they were to succeed in their task, they would have to go beyond Midgard. Thus, a blood offering was made to Yggdrasil, the tree of life- whose branches extend to the Nine Realms of the Universe.

Resumed in 2943, we Vikings will continue the long search for the magical Mead of Odin. We will Journey across all Worlds, From Asgard to Helheim; Roaming the Universe until our quest is fulfilled or time ends.



Vikings is a guild created for Star Citizen. We created an open and social community where we will start our Star Citizen adventure together. Our guild is created with an open structure where members are free to choose their own path. By default we have no commanders or squad leaders telling you how to play or how to have fun.

Our main focus will be on piracy, mercenary jobs, smuggling and exploration but we accept members from all trades. Miners, traders and transporters are all welcome to join our group to increase our self-sufficiency even further. Our guild will use our fleet consisting of Idris’ ships and a Javelin to conquer parts of the Universe plundering its riches.

Our Goals:

* To create a group of friends you can trust and have fun with.
* Exploiting every opportunity we can find to earn extra credits.
* Creating a private part of space that “normal” travellers will not dare to cross. A place where Vikings can look at their shiny new loot in peace.

How to join?

- Apply at our RSI organization page.
- Create an account and fill in the application form at our website.

More Information?

If you want more information before you join you can contact us here at the RSI site. Feel free to send us a PM. We are also available at Steam and Discord.

Discord: Landing Zone


Our guild has been setup to create a group of friends, a band of brothers where everyone is free to give his or her opinion and where every member is free to play the game as they see fit. By default, everyone is equal in rank in-game. Our members create their own missions and squads. Members are free to participate in these or not.

Vikings has grown into an international community. Growing to 320 members from all around the world to ensure that we have players online 24/7.


Vikings is an exclusive guild. This means that we will not allow members to exist within multiple organizations. They must be an exclusive members of Vikings.

We may allow exceptions. Be sure to discuss this with an officer before joining another org.

Pirate Code of Conduct

Article I:
Every person shall have an equal right to any fresh provisions or strong liquors at any time seized, and shall use them at pleasure unless a scarcity may make it necessary for the goods to be saved for later.

Article II:
Anyone who steals from our group to the value of even one coin in plate, jewels or any other trade ware they shall be marooned. If any Vikings takes from another, that Viking will have their nose and ears slit, and be left on an asteroid where he shall be sure to encounter enemy ships.

Article III:
Each person shall keep their piece, cutlass and pistols at all times clean and ready for action.

Article IV:
No children to be allowed among us.

Article V:
He that shall desert the ship in time of battle shall be punished by death or marooning.

Article VI:
We shall not fight among ourselves. This is punishable by marooning.

Article VII:
Everyone outside our group who uses our name for themselves must be terminated.

Article VIII:
Agreements made by our group with other groups will have to be respected unless told so otherwise. This is punishable by death.