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“No Job unreachable!”

Watchdog Coalition is a United States based contract organization. We maintain inner-org operations, as well as take cross-org contracts for those that need an extra watchdog.

Send Ebonnexus a message on Spectrum, or join our Discord to join!


Watchdog Coalition History

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Date – 2947
Time – 1430

Watchdog Coalition is an organization with several ties in different markets, industries, and professions. Though known to have some of the most reknown traders, explorers, and even a small army, the Coalition has humble beginnings.

It started small, a few miners, a few scrappers, a crew to man explorer rigs. However, Watchdog Coalition quickly grew into the organization we know today. After recruiting members to join any of original three branches designated by the founders, the Coalition expanded their horizons to include bounty hunters, space combatants, and support divisions to aid them all.

The known segments of Watchdog Coalition, after years of merging, and expanding, are as follows:
Fleet Command – In charge of all medium to large ship activities, including exploring, and capital ship movements.
Resource Management – In charge of all mining, trading, salvage, and production activities.
Support Division – In charge of medical aid, Search and Rescue, repairs, and replenishment.
Frontliners – In charge of boardings, bounty hunting, and all planet side patrols and combat.

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What is Watchdog?

Watchdog Coalition is a US based conglomerate of tradesmen, from soldiers, to pilots. Miners, to traders. From Explorers, to Spies and everything in between. Watchdog wants to be the “go-to” organization when other groups need back up on any job. We rely on the trust of our allies, and always get the job done.

What does Watchdog do?

Everything. No job is unreachable. We maintain our fleet and members by conducting inner org operations, as well as working with other orgs to keep UEC flowing, and a steady stream of allies, should we need them. We can be guards, extra miners, haulers, medical back up, and even a bit of espionage. You name it, and the price, and watchdog will see it through.

How does Watchdog treat it’s members?

We like to keep recruitment limited, and in small numbers at a time. Everyone from the leadership down wants to get to know each member on a personal level. We like to refer to ourselves as a tight knit gaming family, and we’d love for you to join us in the ‘verse.

Is Watchdog Para-miltary?

While not a PMC (Para-Military Corp), Watchdogs believe in organization and preemptive setup above flying by wire. Thus we have created 4 branches within the organization, simply to keep things organized during org events and contracts, not to limit how you play! You choose what branch you want to be in for org events, and you won’t be limited to this “job” outside of said events. The four branches are:

  • The Legion Division – Our first person shooter specialists. This branch is in charge of boardings, bounty hunting, and planetside attacks / defenses.
  • The Armada Division – The ‘navy’ of WDC. This branch is in charge of running the big ships, exploration, etc.
  • R3 Support Division – Recovery, Repair, and Recon. The name says it all, this is our support division for medics, salvage, repairs, and scouting.
  • The Logistics Division – Money, money, money. Logi’s are in charge of mining, trading, and all things resource stocking.

Outside of providing organization within WDC, these branches provide a sense of ownership between you and your peers, and create opportunities for gameplay without relying on official events to become available.


Be respectful of one another.

  • This is hands down the most important rule. We’re all here to play video games, have fun, and work together on common goals. Playful jabs at one another is one thing, intentionally pissing someone off just to spite them is another. Watchdog Coalition lives and dies by its members, and if you’re the one causing a disruption in the fun we’re having, you will be promptly kicked.

This is, for all intents and purposes, a mature group. Act accordingly.

  • We do not require an age limit on recruitment. However, a majority of Watchdog Coalition tend to be in their mid-late twenties and older. We have mature conversations, we talk about kicking eachothers asses, we make jokes about sex and sexuality, we occasionally piss eachother off, and promptly get over it. If this isn’t something you can handle, you might want to reconsider joining us.

Mature does not mean racist.

  • We may be an older crew of video gamers, but we don’t take racism, sexism, violence against others, or extremely illegal acts lightly. Anyone caught using racist slurs, sexist language, or talking about actually murdering another member will be promptly dealt with, and it usually involves being shown the door.

No general douchebaggery involving other orgs / players

  • We like to be seen as a friendly, respectable org. Even to our enemies. If we’re invited to a voice, or text channel somewhere else, no spamming of text, no soundboards in voice. We will be respectful if at all possible because everyone is here to play video games. This isn’t real-life politics. We’re just playing video games. This rule also covers griefing. Watchdogs aren’t griefers. If you’ve killed someone, congratulations, you won the fight. There’s no reason to camp their body, their landing zone, their whatever and continue to kill them. We’re not griefers.

No Exploiting

  • We’re not cheaters. We don’t dupe. We don’t exploit game-breaking bugs for advantages. If we’re going to win fights, take claims, and make our name known, it won’t be for cheating. We expect all members to follow this rule.

NSFW Content

  • As an adult group, NSFW content will occasionally crop up. It’s natural, in the eb and flo of conversation. Posting of NSFW content is allowed, but not encouraged. If NSFW content is posted, it should be to the most limited dissemination as possible. In Discord, this is our #Garbage-Can-NSFW channel. In games, it should not be posted publically, but only in channels where it’s allowed according to the terms of service for the video game, and out of the eyes of children under the age of 18.

No Griefing

  • Watchdog Coalition intends to be a trusted mercenary company. Griefing people doesn’t give our name a positive connotation

No non-sanctioned piracy actions

  • Unless a guild is marked as a KOS / Always hostile group, WDC will stay away from piracy actions to maintain our positive reputation and continue getting contracts from other guilds.