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Welcome. You may have heard of the famous phrase: “The Bird is The Word”. We are here to enlighten you further on this phrase. The Bird is The Word, but The Word is also the Bird. The Bird is greater than or exactly equal to The Word. Join today, for Enlightenment awaits.

The Bird is The Word.


This religion began with a simple phrase: “The Bird is The Word.” Three of the most intelligent people in the verse realized that this simple phrase contained a much deeper meaning. Then it was realized that in order to spread this knowledge, an organization must be built: Birb.


Here is written our most precious knowledge for all to see:

The Bird is The Word.
The Word is also The Bird.
The Bird is equal or greater than The Word.
“The Bird is The Word” demonstrates the very basic nature of our reality.
To attempt to introduce politics or other human constructs into this phrase is heresy.
To attempt to deny that “The Bird is The Word” is heresy.

The Bird is The Word.


The Bird is The Word.