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Roberts Space Industries ®

WUD Multigaming e.V. / WUD

  • Faith
  • Casual
  • Freelancing
  • Trading

WUD Multigaming e.V. Space Partysquad !!!

Believe it or not, we are the unbelievable Warriors of Ultimate Destruction, and we will bring you the Believe of the Ultimate Warriors — UNBELIEVABLE !!!


… we came, saw, and got drunk.

Founded in February 2001 we gathered experience in all Kind of Games and all sorts of Alcohol.
With the creation of Start Citizen we’ve been right here from the start and we will be right here to the end.

If you want to know more about our History check our full story on our Website (german only)


Sex, Drugs & RocknRoll
  • We’ll fight together
  • We’ll trade together
  • We’ll grow together
  • We’ll laugh together
  • We’ll drink together
  • We’ll spread our faith of the Warrior
  • We`re cooler, we’re hotter, you lose…


Fair Play with Fair Hair
  • We will always have fun, because without fun there is no fun!
  • We will dominate the universe, without the use of bad moves under the waistline
  • We will give all our faith (and our Credits) to our holy Leaders