Roberts Space Industries

The Cyberpunkers / XCPX

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  • Piracy
  • Smuggling

High tech. Low life. Welcome to the Cyberpunkers Syndicate.


Our history is yet to be written, but our time is coming.


We seek to excel in the fields of PVP, high tech production, racing, and black market goods (among others), while attempting to carve out a corner of the glax for ourselves and allies. We prefer an asymmetric approach and a more quality then quantity style, but seek to grow large enough to also compete on the capital and conventional scale and already include such ships in our arsenal.

At some point we all have to make uec, and we aim to help our members make as much as possible while having the best time possible. We seek to constantly improve and help out each other in order to make us the best intergalactic cyborg criminal empire ever! (and you know, have a good time).


Current operations and active recruitment suspended. We have active pilots and would like to hear from you, but no regular activities at this time until more in game content warrants them.