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Roberts Space Industries ®

Legion 14 / XIV

  • PMC
  • Regular
  • Exclusive
  • Security
  • Infiltration

Taking on the impossible since 57 B.C.

We are available for hire for; Security, Escorting, Infiltration, Bounty Hunting, Search & Rescue, Hostage Rescue, Counter-Terrorism, Special Reconnaissance, Assassinations, Hacking, and Smuggling.

Our motto: Morior Invictus (Death Before Defeat)


The Origins of Legio XIV Gemina
Legio quarta decima Gemina (“The Twins’ Fourteenth Legion”) was a legion of the Imperial Roman army, levied by Julius Caesar in 57 B.C. The cognomen Gemina (properly Geminia i.e. dedicated to the Gemini, Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome, who were supposedly suckled by a she-wolf) The cognomen Victrix (victorious) was added by Augustus following their service in the Pannonian War c. A.D. 9. Legio XIV were undefeated, respected and feared. Legio XIV fought under Caesar, Claudius, Marcus Aurelius, and other notable emperors of Rome. Nero even believed them to be the best legion that he had.

The rebirth as Legion 14
Legion 14 was founded in 2014 by Fobose and Cairum as Private Security Services Contractor. To pay homage to the original Legion, our organization is managed by two people. The Legio XIV Gemina were known for taking on the impossible and succeeding or die in battle. We do our part to take on the impossible jobs or die trying. Our purpose has always been to create the best team of mercenaries possible. Our job is to take contracts, complete our mission, and get paid. We believe in being a tight knit group.

We come from a background of many different games. Many of us are avid PvP MMO players with 10+ years experience, while others enjoy FPS games. Some of our favorite games include EVE Online, WoW, SWG, SWTOR, Unreal Tournament 2003 & 2004, Battlefield and Destiny.


XIV Mission Statement

Legion 14 as a whole is in charge of training and arming pilots and marines to ensure we have the most effective force possible. Flight formations, FPS practice, strategy, and top notch equipment will ensure our victory.

Legion 14

We are soldiers for hire. We take contracts on anything from assassinations of players, fleet support, bounty hunting, security, and escorting and smuggling, infiltration, and hacking. To be a member you must be a mature player. To get paid you must you must participate in the mission. To be in our mission party you must use our Mumble voice server. Only the best can be part of Legion 14.

Mercenary Work

Once you accept the job, for anything that’s not expressly in the contract, you decide how it’s done, not your employer.

If your employer adds terms and conditions to the job, they must make it clear beforehand.

Do the job you’re paid to do, no more, no less.

If you’re paid to kill one man, a perfect mission kills one man. Sometimes we have to clear the way to the target and clear our way out.

If you abort the job for any reason, the employer gets back any money or equipment they put up front. We always pay our debts.

Reasons to abort

You took on more than you can handle and cannot get reinforcements (This can damage our reputation, try to ensure this doesn’t happen)

The job was a setup to get you killed and/or they wanted your equipment


General Rules and Expectations

Membership to this organization is exclusive. No other affiliations are allowed without prior agreement.

Members have the right to defend themselves, but don’t become a griefer.

Members are expected to act in a manner that will reflect positively not only upon themselves, but also on to Legion 14.

Issues and concerns regarding any Legion 14 decision, members, or Allies must be brought to the attention of the Officers.

Absolutely no racism, sexism, nationalism or any other forms of prejudice will be tolerated. We all come from different backgrounds, we should respect our team mates.

Mumble Voice Chat Rules

Mumble is mandatory for all members in combat roles.

Do not give out Mumble info to anyone.

If someone else is speaking, allow them to finish.

Open Mic vs Push to talk
We don’t want to hear you breathe nor your background.
Not having to worry about a button in intense situations is desirable. So a headset with mic and a quiet room will resolve any issues of noise. Also Mumble can be configured to not engage til a certain decibel is reached.