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Roberts Space Industries

Yokai Frontier Mercenaries / YFM

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The Yōkai Frontier Mercenaries are a rag-tag group of people that class each other as family. We go through with our contracts provided they don’t go against our code of ethics or our morals.

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The Yōkai Frontier Militia’s intentions are to assist the United Empire of Earth’s forces in the Oberon system. We intend to hold this system with our brothers and sisters of the UEE Navy as a vanguard to ensure that the rest of humanity is safe and sound. We will help push back the Vanduul scourge that has taken our systems, and keep them from gaining any more ground. Caliban, Orion, and Virgil shall return to human hands. We will stop at nothing until we can be sure that UEE Space is safe. Our code of ethics is to protect, preserve, and defend, rather than destroy and ruin. To this end, all YFM members swear an oath of honor to our code:

Code of Ethics

Questions First, Shoot Second.

Defend the Innocent.

Keep the Stars Safe.


1: Questions First, Shoot Second

Unidentified vessels may enter YFM space. These vessels may very well have a legitimate reason for doing so. If a vessel does not respond to hails, and does not come to halt, YFM ships will fire a warning shot across the bows. If the vessel does not respond to any of the above, the YFM ship will attempt to disable, board, and seize the vessel by nonlethal means. If deadly force or the threat of deadly force is used on YFM personnel, they are cleared to use deadly force in return.

2: Defend the Wounded and Innocent.

Medical and civilian vessels may enter YFM space. Medical vessels will be hailed and offered an escort, free of charge, and any assistance they may require within reason. Civilian vessels will be offered an escort while in YFM space free of charge, and given the offer of hiring a YFM escort to continue outside YFM territory.

3: Security and Safety.

Threats may take the form of Vanduul, Pirates, Rogue Players, or other such entities. Upon sighting a Vanduul ship, any YFM ship in the area is cleared to engage with intent to destroy. Pirates, players, and criminals are given one warning, and one chance to surrender. This is void if they open fire first. If the YFM commander deems that lives would be lost trying to capture the entity in question, deadly force is authorised.

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