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Zenith Aerospace Corporation / ZASC

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At Zenith Aerospace we believe in style shouldn’t compromise utility and form shouldn’t overlook function. Secure Financial security and Apply Today!


Zenith Aerospace prides itself on hard work should not go unnoticed and unrewarded. Like all organizations it starts with one man who has a vision and that vision grows so large others see it too. One man turns into many men and the many turn into something bigger. At ZAC we believe everyone can reach their highest potential their “Zenith”.


Zenith Aerospace Mission Statement:

The company’s goal is to establish a strong and financial presence in the known verse.This will be accomplished through numerous efforts from the company’s many divisions.

The Commerce Division is the backbone and life of Zenith. Careers range from mining resources to mapping systems, cargo hauling, scavenging, and more.

Those men and women will need security and protection while working in hostile territories or environments from our security personnel in the Service Division. There are many opportunities in Service Division from search and rescue (SAR) to security and/or a Command position.

Whatever your profession we have a place for you at Zenith Aerospace.

Apply today!


Zenith Aerospace Policies

1. Members will treat others with respect as they would like to be treated.
2. No member will verbal harm or talk down to another. Any member doing so will be removed from unit they are currently participating in at said time or possibly the company as a whole.
3. No discrimination, sexism, racism, or other form of prejudice allowed. Any form of act of these will lead to termination from the company and future inquires.

1. If participating in an operation chain of command must be followed.
2. All members will respect onsite commanding officer of any operation and follow orders as given. Opinions and ideas will be considered and members should not be afraid to voice them.
3. If given a job by a CO that member is required to carry out the job or order to the best of their ability. If you cannot perform the job or feel you cannot complete it by any means please let your CO know so they can try and figure out the best solution.

1. No threats, spamming, trolling, or discrimination to members or other organizations. Will lead to termination.
2. No use of any harmful software such as mods, or hacks with members or against other organizations. Will lead to termination.
3. No insubordination, mutiny, or hostile acts towards follow members. Will lead to termination.